Natural Fitting Material

Tooth-color tinted low-melt thermoplastic fitting material. You can use this to make a lower tooth in line with other teeth. It is tinted with food-safe pigment. It can be melted, shaped and even polished with a wet finger. We don’t sell lower Imako Teeth because your teeth would hit it and possibly be damaged. Ships Free.



Our tooth-color tinted low-melt thermoplastic fitting material offers an ingenious solution to align your lower tooth seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Crafted for safety and natural appeal, this material is infused with food-safe pigment, ensuring a confident and healthy smile transformation. Its versatility allows you to mold, shape, and polish with ease, giving you complete control over your smile’s enhancement.

Please note that we don’t offer lower Imako Teeth to prevent potential damage to your natural teeth. Our focus remains on providing a holistic solution that harmonizes aesthetics and dental well-being.

Plus, enjoy the added benefit of free shipping with every purchase of the Imako Cosmetic Teeth Kit – a commitment to a confident, captivating smile that’s both hassle-free and exceptional. Elevate your smile today!


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