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Here is Karen Darnell, a very lovely lady's review on YouTube.¬if_t=share_comment¬if_id=1491873290462072

I just wanted to thank imako for making me feel like a brand new person. I just recently lost one of my teeth right next to the front. I have other teeth missing on my smile as well. I received mine yesterday and holy cow! I've never been so confident in my life!!!! Thank you for making me feel so much better about myself!

Send me another set, using that card!
Thank you so much! What a difference
A great smile makes in feeling good
About yourself.

Send me another set, using that card!
Thank you so much! What a difference
A great smile makes in feeling good
About yourself.

J. Conner


There's no need for a reply, but I just wanted to email you an endorsement of your Imako cosmetic teeth.

It was only a chance viewing of a tv commercial for Perfect Smiles teeth that led me to order Imako cosmetic teeth. Up until that time (many,many years) ,I did not know such products existed. I purchased the first teeth from ebay, liked them and quickly ordered two more from your website (to serve as spares). They are great and keep up the good work.

Benny C.


Your product has seriously changed my life. I cannot thank you enough


I love love love the product!!! My teeth are straight but over the years due to losing enamel because of otc tooth whiteners I really needed a solution! I can't believe the results! I filed on them and used and exacto knife and custom fit them to look like my natural teeth. I will try clear nail polish next. And- you bet I'm sharing this with my friends and family! Thank you for improving my confidence in my smile!!

- Karen L. Murray Ky
I have been purchasing the Imako cosmetic teeth for a while now as I prepare for a denture. One, I just want to say thank you for this product. It has helped me so much since I found them.

One of the main reasons I am writing you is, I have several potential and now customers that have purchased these from my video review of your product. I am writing you due to these subscribers and viewers asking about molding them. I am not to a place where I need to order again (I am not able to afford them till next month.) Is there a more upclose fitting video for people that have more damage teeth? My video is here if you have not seen it before.

- Megan from The Nance Family

After a lifetime of tetracycline stained teeth, and no affordable answer in sight, I finally found an affordable answer. And the fitting process is very easy. Thank you Miss Nancy!

-R. Hanson


My size and color is great. I have been using your product for over three years. Not sure if you are able to see my ordering history. I have the fitting sizing tips and tricks down to a science. Not to brag but I am very sure I am the master at these
I have worn them everyday for three years
Even with eating a steak!. It took me months but I mastered a trick to them staying on so solid that there has been times I couldn’t even get them off to clean them. If any of your customers don’t like them its because they don’t know how to put them on. Its very tricky at first. I love them. I almost was thinking of doing a youtube how to video but just have not yet. My teeth got messed up bad from severe diabetes when I was pregnant and if you could see my real teeth I think you would be amazed at what your product really is capable of helping and or fixing, and hiding. I don’t have dental insurance so you guys are a lifesaver. I jave fears what I would do if your product was discontinued. Again if you saw my mouth you would understand why I say that. I just wanted to thank you for such a great item. thanks.



Karen Darnell made a very nice testimonial video for our Facebook page. She looks gorgeous!


Thank you so much for this product. I stopped smiling about 2 years ago or cover my mouth with my hand when talking and smiling. I am in multiple courthouses working, on a daily basis and I am very self-conscious about my appearance. I don't have insurance or the money for dentures right now and your product is helping me until I can save the money for dentures. I have lost most of my front teeth due to periodontal disease and I'm only 48 years old. just wish there was a way to eat with them. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

S. Goode


I love love love the product!!! My teeth are straight but over the years due to losing enamel because of otc tooth whiteners I really needed a solution! I can't believe the results! I filed on them and used and exacto knife and custom fit them to look like my natural teeth. I will try clear nail polish next. And- you bet I'm sharing this with my friends and family! Thank you for improving my confidence in my smile!!

-Karen D.

Later from Karen….


I have been purchasing the Imako cosmetic teeth for a while now as I prepare for a denture. One, I just want to say thank you for this product. It has helped me so much since I found them.

One of the main reasons I am writing you is, I have several potential and now customers that have purchased these from my video review of your product. I am writing you due to these subscribers and viewers asking about molding them. I am not to a place where I need to order again (I am not able to afford them till next month.) Is there a more upclose fitting video for people that have more damage teeth? My video is here if you have not seen it before.

- Megan from The Nance Family
Note: This lady is giving her advice on her YouTube channel and is a very sharp communicator.


I just wanted to tell you that your product rocks. I have really bad teeth, and due to financial issues, its a gonna be a while before they're completely fixed. So in the meantime, I was using the cosmetic teeth from SecureSmile. They are a good, quality product, and I was happy with them. But then I found Imako cosmetic teeth. Waaaayyy better. They're thinner, so they don't push your lip out and make it obvious there's something in your mouth. They have more natural looking k9's, which I love. They're more flexible (I went through 3 SecureSmile sets because they break easily because they're stiff). And they're longer. When I smile big, you could see the end of the securesmile set. But since the imako set is longer, even with the biggest smile, you cant see the end of them. In my opinion, they look more natural as well. Pretty much every aspect is better with the Imako set. Oh, and they're less expensive! I just love, love, love the Imako cosmetic teeth and I wanted to tell you guys. I wanted to leave this as a review but didn't see a place to add in the "review" section. Of course, you have my permission to use it as a review if you want. Thank you all very much!

- Robert John W.


This is an amazing product! I'm loving my new flawless smile! Thanks a million!❤

- M. Anderson,


I just want to take a moment to thank you for the incredibly good product and service you provide. I ordered your IMAKO cosmetic teeth because I am in the midst of a dental situation that is going to take a few months to resolve. I work as a professional and a decent smile is a part of making the type of good impression that is necessary in my work. I was so worried that your product wouldn't work well - but happily I was wrong to worry! Following your video made the process of fitting the teeth super easy and I honestly couldn't be happier with the results or the comfort of them. THANK YOU!

-W.L. - California


I wanted to personally thank you all for how accommodating you have been for my orders over the past year. It has truly been refreshing!

B. Kiser


I am thoroughly impressed with this product. My advice to anyone is follow the directions to the letter , it took me about 15 minutes and I was watching the you tube video as I did it step by step. I really can't say enough about how amazed I was at the simplicity and results.This is really a remarkable product. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a nice smile for any reason. It does take a little time to get used to pronouncing the F's and V's nothing a little practice didn't fix. Again it just takes a little getting used to but nothing major. I am overwhelmed by the results. I've been on vacation so my co-workers haven’t seen me with these in yet. Tomorrow will be my first day back since I've had these so I can't wait to see they're reaction. By the way I've had nothing but positive reactions from my friends. One of my friends actually said I look like a brand-new man. Great service, you guys respond to emails and the product is outstanding!! I will and have recommended this product to anyone unhappy with their smile.

Clint Rench, Lawton, OK


Thank u for giving me my smile and confidence back. There was no way to dare date with missing teeth. I was so embarrassed to even go to church. Now, I smile A LOT laugh and am out enjoying life again. I even go out to eat with them and they have not stained. My sister is in the dental field and is just shocked how natural they look. I blend in without a second glance. I bought the bright white and LOVE them. Your teeth literally changed my life. You have an exceptional product! Thank u,

-JC In Florida


Your product has truly changed my life. I can't express how much confidence you've given me. I was able to get a new better job thanks to your product helping me feel amazing during my interview. Happy Holidays to you and yours. I'm a customer for life!

-Meghan T.


My life has been forever changed by your product. I was desperate to find a solution, for my teeth. I have been embarrassed, ridiculed and ashamed for the way my teeth looked. For the record, my dental issues were not caused due to drug use, which is the response that I would often receive.

My dental problems, began at the "root" of the issue...My enamel has always been thin and weak. My father had the same issue. In my teenage years, I was obsessed with having a "perfect white smile". With that being said, I used multiple whitening treatments, sometimes, multiple times per day, which made my enamel even weaker. Although, my smile looked great, my dental health was not. I had multiple cavities in my molars, which I was able to get filled (thanks, to my father's insurance through his employer). Since then I’ve had several unfortunate instances because my teeth break so easily. So, if you're keeping track, I'm now down to 7 teeth on top. However, now breaking my perfect streak on the bottom, leaving only 13 down there. Before all of these broken teeth, I had 28 relatively healthy teeth. Now, I only have 20.

I'm sure many of you are wondering, why I did not go to the dentist to have my dental issues corrected... I couldn't due to a lack of funds, lack of insurance and fear. I know this sounds crazy, but I have a acute fear of the dentist. I'm afraid they would have to extract all of my teeth, I'd be stuck running around toothless, because I can't afford dentures. At the current moment, I do not have dental insurance, because I'm not yet eligible for it through my employer.
I'm only 29, but with the way my teeth looked, I felt like I was 99. Back in October, I found Imako, after a desperate Google search spree. I did some research and thought, what do I have to lose? So, when I was able to afford them, at the end of November, I ordered them. I was so ecstatic, that I was finally going to be able to hide this unsightly mouth of mine, with something beautiful. I told all of my family, coworkers and close friends.

The shipping was incredibly fast, from Georgia to Ohio, only took 3 days. As soon as I got them, I began fitting them. I had only an hour, until I had to be to work, but I did not care, (I was like a kid on Christmas, wanting to play with my gifts, RIGHT NOW). It took about 15 minutes and I was ready to head to work. Not before, I showed my boyfriend my "new" smile and shed tears of joy. For the better of 3-4 years, I've battled with this mouth. I would very rarely smile or laugh. I tried not to talk much, unless I kind of covered my mouth. I had finally been able to walk up to my boyfriend and proudly smile. I think he was just as excited, as I was. He had never seen me without all the wax.

Imako has drastically changed my life. I have confidence, that I haven't had in years. Actually, I have an interview for a new and better career opportunity, later this week. I'm confident that I will be able to stand out from the others, this time in a good way. Nancy, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for innovating such a wonderful, affordable product, that is making me smile all the time. :-)



I'll just write it here in you can do what you want with it but I would love to post it and let people know this product is amazing.

Just received my teeth yesterday and I can't believe great this product is. My teeth have never looked so good. I swore I would never where veneers or anything that you can tell are fake but I was wrong. Had top front implant knocked out and the stud broke off into the female part and the dentist has tried twice and can't get the broken piece out so I have been wearing a flipper. It was making do butt did not look real. I've been waiting on the dentist to get some special tool to fix my tooth and in the meantime my tooth broke off The Flipped which I paid $350 for. So I heard about imako and read the reviews and figured for that price it was worth a try. Well it was more than worth the try. I don't even care if I go back to the dentist. It is everything they said it is and more. It took me about three tries to get it to fit right butt it fits better then the flipper I had. I actually look like I have nice teeth now. I think I may just keep these and get another flipper just to wear when I eat. If I use the flipper or go get another implant I will have crooked teeth again. Don't think I'm going back I think y'all have a lifelong customer. Anyone contemplating using this product trust me you will not be disappointed. I don't know how much I would pay for these teeth a lot more than they call so I can guarantee that a lot more. Every now and then you buy something then you just amazing you feel like you have gotten just a great deal well this is one of them. You saved me money you have giving me confidence. And I thank you. I thank you for the product I think you for the good service and I thank you for not being greedy and charging more because you sure can. Glad to know some people put the well-being of others before money.

-D.T, New Orleans, LA


I just want to say that your product has changed my life. If ever I become famous will endorse your product from here to around the world for free.
Thank you so much

-Rocco G Cassetta


I just love these teeth! I wrote a review about how my enamel was stained and I was embarassed to smile. I just love these! Thank you!

-Meghanne Lee


My name is heather and about 3 yrs ago I was in a pretty serious accident that lead to a procedure that nearly cost my life. After a few years of radiation treatment I developed a tooth decay disease. I was mortified that all my teeth needed to be removed. Doctors knew I needed this procedure but believed I was too weak for any type of surgery while I still had my picc line in ( which was connected to my main artery in my heart). Saying that I started to wear wax beads over the holes in my mouth which was very obvious. Then one day I stumbled upon imako teeth. The small teeth set was my favorite due to perfect adjustment. All I had to do was warm up the water and let it mold onto my teeth. I can eat and drink with them in and no one knows. My married life and my social life increased. I was no longer hiding in my room or covering my mouth as I spoke. I laugh and smile so big now knowing I look better. I will eventually need major dental work but this is going to help the wait until I am in the clear for a procedure. I can also tell you that most novelty teeth that tried to imitate Imakos product do not cover your full upper smile. One thing that you have to do is treat the teeth as you would normal teeth by brushing them. Thanks nancy for changing my life.


The customer service is the best I have seen and dealt with ever.

Thank you, Frank


I am amazed at these , especially after i spent so much money on a flipper ($680) to cover my missing teeth, they still looked fake. So i spent more money on instasmile ($320) and let me tell you those hurt and they made my mouth feel bigger. I could not believe that these for under ($40) work much better. Thank you If you like i can send you nicer pics.

J. Lebron


I hate the dentist. I've been a customer since 2013... I had spent thousands on my teeth to be fixed only for them to tell me at every visit I had to come back again. Finally when everything was done and it was my "last visit" I was told the last step were veneers. It was about $2500 a tooth. I couldn't afford it. So I went on for a few years with my posts and fillings until they began to break off and fillings fell out. I stumbled upon Imako teeth and immediately adored them. Everyone complimented my smile. It was the one thing that gave me confidence. I just wish they were a little less or had a promotional because I lost my last pair during my move. My boss asked me why I wasn't smiling lately and I told him I had nothing to smile about. In reality I'm just ashamed of my teeth and feel ugly.

-K. Malone


Hi, my name is John and I just wanted to inform the company about my recent purchase. I received my Imako teeth in the mail today and I can honestly say today is one of the best days of my life! I have a new smile and I can be myself again! No longer do I have to shy away from smiling.

Fitting the teeth took a little longer than I anticipated, but with a few trails and a lot of errors, I got them to fit just right. In one of you videos you stated that prejudice against people with bad teeth is the worst type of prejudice, and unfortunately you are correct. God bless you Nancy Albert. Thank you for such a wonderful, life changing product. I would recommend this product to anybody!


A before and after image for you. Thank you for helping me to achieve confidence whilst i await dental procedures! I cannot wait to get out this weekend and actually truly smile on my photos!! X


I am wanting you to know you changed my life. Thank you.

Heather Ramirez


Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! What a wonderful product! It is everything you guys say and more! Very satisfied!!!!!!



I just want to thank you for making such a great product! I ordered the small bleached cosmetic teeth. I can finally smile for photos with my teeth showing and not feel self conscious about the shape of my teeth. I like them so much that I even shared my before and after shots with my friends on Facebook :-) Thanks again!

-Keyonna. Lyle, Gainesville, Ga.




I have been fabricating veneers for over a year using various veneer products, and every adhesive known to man. And I've been fairly successful in the process. Yet I've chosen Imako Cosmetic Teeth. IMAKO has created a beautiful product which solves and negotiates a myriad of dental cosmetic challenges. Well done Imako. Thank you for an excellent product.

Charlie Williamson


To whom this may concern,
Imako has changed my life!!! I never thought I would ever be able to smile until these. I even uploaded a review video. Thank you, thank you, thank you for changing my life!



How can I leave a review. I absolutely love these and cried when they looked so real. I would love to tell everyone my story.


I have worn the imako teeth every day, at least 8 hours a day for over 2 years now. The same pair!! They have lasted even longer than advertised. I am very happy with the product. I did try secure smile because of the more realistic look, however after 7 hours with no success at all, I have decided to order imako again. My question is more for appearances, to appear more real as I depend on them daily for work.

A satisfied customer


You are so close to the press on Veneers , I would much prefer shopping with you'all , I want to work with "Imako' to get as close as I can to snap on , or press on tight cosmetic smile The Vaneer people use the clear pearls to secure problem teeth, you are so close to their product for a fraction of the Price . I''am your best salesman , Vaneer $'s upper lower are 1400.00US. .

Paul L.


Hi everyone, I just ordered my fourth set of imako teeth and I was reviewing my history since I first tried them in 2014! What a Game changer they truly are! I've never had what someone would say is a nice smile. I always had crooked and discolored teeth. Even as a kid. Suffice it to say I was always embarrassed to smile or even speak to anyone. As I got older, my teeth got worse. Some of them just got so soft that they would break from the slightest pressure. A dentist once gave me a quote of 16,000. Dollars to do basic restorative cosmetic work. Which of course, my insurance wouldn't pay. Years and years went by. And I mumbled and kept my head down.even though my personality is fun loving and friendly. When I came to your website. I did hesitate. How could this work? It surely had to be a scam, things dont just happen like this for people like me. I must've watched the video at least ten times. I listened to the small voice that told me to try it. I am so grateful for your product. I know my imako smile has helped me in interviews and when dealing with clients. How many of my coworkers told me what a beautiful smile I have. It's been a chance to laugh out loud and speak in front of anyone.

Thank you.
God bless.


Thank you, you have no idea of what you have just done for me. Life changing right now. Thank you!

-L. Jackson


Let me start out by saying that the people at Imako are people of integrity. When I called and asked the operator if the teeth would work in my case, as I have four missing teeth in a row from the eye tooth back. The operator told me straight out that it would not work for me because they would slip on the end, nothing to hold on to. I thanked her for being honest with me, theres not much of that still left in the business world.. I thought about it for awhile and decided to order them anyway, it's only $35. When the package came in a few days I read the instuctions and watched the video. What I did then is cut off the last two teeth and created a long tooth from the heated up beads that were supplied. I am totally amazed how good they fit and look. I never send reveiws, but had to send this one for all those who have the same amount of missing teeth, IT WORKS..... AND LOOKS GREAT! :)

Ocean Grove NJ


I love my teeth! I am an actor and comedian and your product is an invaluable tool for tickling funny bones. Thanks so much for a great product!

-T. Lopez


I never would leave my house .because i was so embarrassed about the state of my teeth./..i want to thank you for such a product that gives me the freedom to go back into last set lasted for three months until recently they turned brownish green...most likely from something i ate or drank...but i am over the moon ...and all thanks to you..Thank you for giving me my life back !!!

-Madison Taylor


I am very impressed.

My dentist had not heard of these, nor did he believe that something this simple would have stopped me from grinding my teeth (A serendipitous side effect of the appliance)

I suggested to him that perhaps I would make an excellent psychological case study simply because since having this 'overlay' I have absolutely stopped grinding my teeth during the day while I am wearing them, that and it is a confidence builder to have those gaps covered over until I can get the real work done. They are comfortable, though at times difficult to get to fit properly but worth the effort.

Thanks for taking my money ;-)

-Mike Peckham,
Manitoba, Canada


I've been using the Imako cosmetic dental overlay for six months and I could not be more satisfied. Without them, I could not function in public.

They are extremely durable and stable , and , once fitted properly, snap in and
out with ease in two seconds. One tip I have for purchasers: Be willing to
take the time to shape the teeth to ADD a little irregularity, for realism!

-Doug Weaver , Santa Cruz CA ( age 60 )


I guess you have been told what a wonderful product you have. Over and over. For ME you wouldn't believe what it is doing ...

I have an auto immune disease, with many aspects, one being Sjogren's Syndrome with dry mouth. Teeth got ruined. Then, everything OK'd,treatment plan there with crowns.... UNTIL I went to get the crowns, insurance denied.

SO, I got your product. They were fantastic!!! I had to. All of a sudden here I was trying to go to offices and such with no teeth..Then the root canal-ed teeth started to snap off...all 5 in the front, I had one canine left and two old crowns...and still I got your product to work. Wasn't easy, LOL

I know I am overusing the product, and they do yellow faster if I drink soda.

I love you. I love your video. It is an acquired technique but once you get it, there you go....

Thank you so much. I am now scheduled for removal of all roots, old crowns and all...and bottom teeth all worn down and eroded. With immediate teeth replaced. THAT is frightening HUH?...NO one up here really knows of your product. They should. I wish you could be a dental consultant for me and have you be with the designer of these new teeth...LOL. I'm afraid I'll look like some deformed Hollywood star!!!!

S. White
Carneys Point NJ


Thank you Imako your product is great! I ordered a pair for my mother and I in natural large, but right when I opened my package I knew they were going to be to big for me. My mother put hers on and loved them. She told her sister and she loved how they looked! I gave my aunt my unused pair and she looks great with them! So I will be ordering my next pair in a small. My mom and aunt look great! Aslong as people take their time with the fitting they will get a great fit and wont need the fitting beads. I cant wait for mine! Thank You!

Jaimie from CA


I just wanted to say thank you for this invention! It has given me my smile back. I have had dental problems all my life and it seemed after every pregnancy I went through my teeth just continued to go down hill. I decided to research ways to fix missing teeth without going to the dentist and thank God I ran across the Imako teeth because it is just simply amazing. I was very skeptical at first and really didn't think it was going to work, but I was surprised to find out that they work perfectly!

A little tip for those who may just be getting these or thinking of getting these, when you first try to fit them, you have to do it a couple times before you get it just right, and even after that you need to let them sit for a couple hours and harden really well, and they will fit better the harder they get. It's a miracle product, it really is. I didn't even have to use any of the extra fitting material sent with it!

Again, thank you so so much for what you have done for all of us. And thank you for keeping it so affordable. Please, please don't hike up the price if you can keep the company open without doing so. The whole purpose of helping people that can't afford dental work is by offering them an alternative that they can afford, right?

-Samantha from Tennessee


Thank you ever so kindly, my order came so quickly, I wrk with the public, and I have two missing front teeth. You have made a world of difference to my life. Thank you ,thank you..

-Amazon Buyer


I received the package and everything was perfect, the teeth are much better than expected and I will be a returning customer in the future thank you for everything.



Like all people when I first heard of Imako I was very sceptical. Then when I received my Imako's I was very surprised on how easy they were to actually fit. I watched the Imako fitting video on YouTube about 10 times and it was not only informative of the step by step fitting process, but it was also somewhat entertaining (Nancy has a cool sounding voice, she should be a documentary narrator). I was blown away by how comfortable they were to wear. I made mine look more realistic/natural by simply applying clear nail polish to the Imako's and they looked amazing. This product was the most cost efficient way I could find to have a temporary solution.

I actually wanted to write this review not just to help people that are sceptical about trying it (you should they really are great) but to also give people an idea on their customer service. Nancy herself was amazing and I still can't believe how passionate and helpful she was about her product. I can definitely promise you that the Imako company has 5 star customer service. Just their customer service alone is enough for me to continue buying from them for years to come. Shipping to Canada was also faster than I expected. So all of you that are watching Imako videos, reviews, and comparing them to other similar products (which I've tried all of them) I would put Imako at the top of the list based on their price, the quality, the comfort, and ESPECIALLY the customer service from the Imako reps. Hopefully this review helps you make your decision a little bit easier. I would honestly try the Imako's before the other similar products out there on the market, because I tried the Imako's last and I wish I would of tried them first! I will be for surely a life long Imako customer now.

Thank you again Imako you changed my life! And I'm all smiles! :-)

-Aaron Wayne, Toronto, Canada


I just wanted to thank you, your product made my wedding day. I was unable to have expensive procedures done and almost gave up on my wedding in fear of not smiling for a single picture, then I came across your product and was still apprehensive but my fears eased as soon as I followed all the instructions. I got married in August of 2015 and smiled the entire day.


This is my honest testimonial,this is the real deal!! I've lived with being self conscious for 25 years and I'm actually smiling without closed lips! Thank you guys sooo much!!! Also the customer service was excellent and extremely helpful,too. I can't afford braces right now,but this is great. I can actually feel like everyone else, so I can actually do the selfie thing too,lol! I couldn't stop smiling in any mirror,the first night after I had finally got them to fit right,I nearly cried! I never thought in all my 35 years that I can smile and not call myself ugly. It caused me a lot of depression,not "fitting in" with my peers. But until now,this is a new chapter. The braces can wait until the time is right. Thank you guys again!!! I'm even more motivated to improve my looks in other areas,from now on I'm a loyal customer :-)


My fillings came out in front...I was horrified...I have no dental insurance...I basically need dentures...I work in public and have to often go into court and I work in social service field but as an independent contractor thus having no insurance. These have allowed me to keep working and giving me time to find a place affordable to get my teeth pulled and my dentures. Love this product...literally I could not work in the public with my teeth this way. Thank you.

Angie C., Rock Springs, GA


The IMAKO teeth are good. They do what you say. A temporary something for right now.

I was wearing an upper partial denture that did not include my 4 front real teeth. I recently had a major tooth infection and my 4 front teeth were extracted. So i was left essentially with an upper denture with 4 missing front teeth. I was shocked to learn that my Medicaid Insurance plan would not replace my 4 front missing teeth with 4 false front teeth OR replace it now with a need full and complete upper dentures. I have to wait 8 years to be eligible for full upper dentures. Yes, i said 8 years! That's a long time to go without 4 front missing teeth. Needless to say, I am appealing my denial of my Medicaid Dental Insurance for full upper dentures OR repair of my partial upper denture--now missing my four 4 front teeth!

Thank Heavens for IMAKO! I was able to cut and use 4 of my IMAKO teeth and attach my IMAKO teeth, (using Friendly Plastic) where my 4 front teeth had been extracted.

I only have 2 questions to ask:

Question #1::
I am a disabled 59-year-old-man and my lower dentures and partial upper dentures are realistically colored a bit yellow and brown. How do i make my IMAKO teeth a little less white? (Yes, i did order the natural colored IMAKO teeth which i received.).

Note from Nancy: Soak them in cold black coffee for 15 minutes each day before wearing, until you like the color. Seal with clear nail polish to prevent further stains.

Question #2 for Miss Nancy, the inventor of IMAKO: Why the name "IMAKO"? I don't get it?

PS: Miss Nancy, I believe there will be a very special place for you (and your husband!) in Heaven. May Allah reward you with many blessings in this life. And as my late Mother Hazel Manning (a Southern born Christian woman!) would often say.when someone bestowed an act of love or unexpected help toward any of of my 4 older brothers and me--THANKS A MILLION!

Note from Nancy: “Imako” stands for “Image Makeover”.

Sincerely--AND not missing my 4-front teeth (temporarily for now!),

Mr. Shafi Abdul-Mani Manning
Brooklyn, New York City


I've enclosed some pics of before and after teeth! What a difference! Your Imako Cosmetic Teeth have made it possible for me to actually smile broadly, instead of a closed smile. I feel pretty again. I definitely plan on wearing them to my wedding where lots of pictures will be taken. I do wear them every day, and I look in the mirror constantly to see the transformation from ugly to beautiful! I took a pic and posted it to my Facebook page, and have so many likes and positive comments to my new smile! I can't thank Nancy and her staff enough for making this ugly duckling into a swan!

-Pauline P., TX


I am thrilled to smile again. I'm unable to afford dental work right now and my teeth have begun to break. I am person who loves to laugh and smile. I have been so depressed about my teeth. I am beyond happy!

-J. Smith, TX


I thank you for your wonderful product I don’t know what I would do without it.

-S. Rogers, TX


Thank you for making my graduation the perfect felt good to smile again.

-KR, Illinois


I just wanted to thank you for this product. Really simple to use, and it looks as great as the sample photos. It's easy to fit, and really easy to adjust, too. I can't tell you how much this product will boost my confidence during the dental work that I have to get done.

-Anonymous by request






Hello my name is Ashley Harris. I am a Fort Worth native and a plus size petite model. I ordered imako teeth back in June of 2014 and since then my life has changed I have never been so excited about smiling since I ordered the teeth. Everyonr started noticed my smile and confidence and so u started suggesting to a few people about it because they asked how did you transform your smile in just a few days when I explain to them that it was just cosmetic teeth they were more interested because it was just a temporary fix until they could get to a dentist.

I have attached a few pics so you could see my beautiful smile and my confidence in myself.

Ashley H.


I want to thank Imako for my beautiful smile. Due to medications and a lot of sweets my teeth were decaying. But in June 2014 I was chosen to model in a show and the only problem was the chipped tooth well with much research I found Imako. It's very inexpensive and even though it's a temporary fix I have never love to smile so much. Thank you Imako for making my modeling career and life a sure success.


These teeth have been my new lease on life. Because of them I was able to get a new job a new house a new lease on life at 37 years old THANK YOU

-M. Lopez, CA


These have been a lifesaver! I have always been self conscience about my teeth. Thank you!

-April B.


wanted to let you know how much youve changed my life, my name is Cheallsey i am 23 and i work in the health and wellness industry and was unfortunatey born without eye teeth leaving my teeth gapped, i also grind my teeth so they are chipped and mishapen; in my line of work and thru out my entire life i have been judged and ridiculed because of my teeth, theyve held me back from going to events, meeting new people, & anything that involves face to face contact; i had no self esteem at all because of my teeth, since finding your product my life has changed i can smile and laugh and go out in public and enjoy life, i got the imako teeth in two days they arrived and where incredibly easy to assemble and only took me 1 try for the perfect fit, i wore them the next day to work and coworkers asked if i had seen the dentist for veneers, i havent quit crying tears of joy i have recommended your product to any and everyone whose asked so far 4 other friends have purchased the imako teeth and now there lives are changed as well theyve all messaged me thanking me for helping them with something theyve always wanted but could never afford, thank you nancy so much from the bottom of my heart.

-Cheallsey Tapper
Westland, Michigan


I just want to say Thank you. These have saved my life. I had a heart attack at 40 and my front teeth broke off. The dentist won't do any work because of the meds I'm on. I just found these and can not be happier.

-R. Avants, NJ

I absolutely love my imako cosmetic teeth. I can not thank you enough for this product. I work in a high volume restaurant as a server and the imako cosmetic teeth have giving me back my confidence and smile. As a server I talk a lot in an 8 hour shift. I wear mine everyday. They are very comfortable and fit securely in my mouth. I never worry about them falling out. Thank you again for such an awesome product.

-K. Odum, OH

I wanted to say thank you for you Imako Shell first if all. My teeth were broken in a car accident while I was wearing my Imako Shell. The ER doctor said if I hadnt been wearing the device I likely would have lost most all my teeth instead of breaking the front three. The shell also kept the broken teeth from cutting my mouth to pieces as the device held the sharp pieces in place. I love the device and have been wearing one for about three years. I have a tooth that turned very dark after a root canal I got in the Army,so I wear mine all the time.I eat with it too as there is such a snug fit food does not get caught in them. A quick trip to the womens lounge to rinse and wash my hand and Im set. I am.having $ 3,000 in dental work.done and have had the luxury of shopping around for cost because I have the Shell to.hide my broken teeth. I am saving about $8,000 from the original cosmetic dental estimates I got, by going to a small town cosmetic dentist instead of in the city.

-M. Lynne, AR

I want to write and say thank you I am able to smile with out being ashamed.

-Darmi, WV

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your product. I am a 45 year old woman who was unable to face people or perform a job due to my dental issues. So many people take for granted the importance of a smile or the mere task of talking to another person with out having to worry about perception or judgement.

I lost several teeth due to an abusive husband (ex now) and not having dental insurance has only hindered my ability to secure a job or have any self worth and esteem.

Your product has afforded me the opportunity to feel free to smile, talk and try again.

-Tracy V.


I just wanted to say a great big thank you for giving me my smile back. I ordered the large/nature set and received them today


I had recently lost each tooth behind the canine tooth on each side It has been very hard for me to go out in public, but tonight I went out with my head held high. My wife really likes them also.. I'm sure you receive a lot of the types of emails but I was taught to show gratitude. Please know I'll share this information regarding this product with others. Thank you so much again!

-Gary M., Knoxville, TN

Thank you for such quick reply... with both orders. :-). Because of Imako, my confidence and appearance has been complimented numerous times through my work shift... although a quick fix for someone needing an incredible amount of dental work done, it's breathtaking experience for me to have that glow again which had been hiding from embarrassment... a finance I'm able to handle while waiting for dental insurance. A wedding on the way with events in between which now I'll smile when pictures are taken. :-)

-H. Park, Pleasanton, CA

Customer message: I wanted to let you know that I have received my Imako Cosmetic Teeth . I'm a 38 year old male on a limited income. After seeing myself in the mirror showing my smile, tears came to my eyes immediately. I recommend this to everyone.

-Charles, whereabouts unknown

I want to tell you how much your product means to me! My ex husband hit me in my mouth with a bottle years ago n since that day I refused to smile or talk to people because I was so ashamed of my teeth. Now my cheeks hurt and im finding any and every reason to smile or talk to everyone!!!!! Thank you so much for this product I am spreading the word to everyone and I am a loyal customer and spokesperson for imako!!!! Again thank you thank you thank you!!!!

-Joni Schillinger, Jackson, MS

I couldn't find a place on your website to write a review. I just want to say Thank you for this product! It really gave my self esteem back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Trudy, NJ

I just received your cosmetic teeth and I can't tell you how amazing I feel. I CAN SMILE AGAIN, THANK U THANK H THANK UA MILLION MORE THANK U'S !!!!!! I would love to do a video of my before after for you....


I would like to say to your readers...

What dental professionals know that most of us Joes and Janes don't is that... Years of shortened/missing teeth. Affect facial proportions. The changes are subtle and slow, so it largely goes unnoticed, but vertical dimension is lost. Everything 'sinks' over time; cheeks, lips, even eyebrows. When missing front teeth, the lips gradually curve inward. Think of a toothless elderly person who looks to be all chin because their lips are no longer visible.

When a person, like me, has uneven tooth loss, the face can become asymmetrical. For quite some time, I've noticed one of my eyebrows had become noticeably lower than the other.

I know it's not meant to be a medical solution to abnormally placed facial features, but in the few short weeks of using. Imako, I've noticed them leveling out. So it's so much more than merely teeth when it comes to cosmetic appearance. Lips and other parts of the face are favorably affected too.

I've suffered a lot less anxiety; I smile and laugh more, and I worry about people seeing the contents of my mouth (rather than me as a whole) less. My face has cleared up and worry lines are diminishing with this dramatic decrease in stress.

I think my adult acne and reported history of alcoholism (sober since Aug 5, 2007), an abnormal cornucopia of symptoms for my age, along with bad teeth has led physicians to automatically assume I'm a drug addict or something; for years my health issues have been dismissed and untreated as a result. Even knowing I have a family history of lupus.

It's undeniable that people perceive you differently based on appearance. I am hopeful that they will take me more seriously in the future. And if my genetic heritage manifests, and a doctor takes me seriously enough to diagnose and catch it, Imako just might even literally save my life. It's dramatic postulation, I know, but it's true.

Thank you Imako!


Jenny from north TX

Hi. I have a very public profession. After losing a front tooth, and having discoloration due to smoking, I felt very embarrassed when speaking in public. I just received your cosmetic product by express delivery. I have a dental appointment in two weeks but I know it will take time to work out implants or bridges. I told a few close friends that I was going to try your product to conceal my dental imperfections until the work could be done. Everyone was skeptical, including me. I almost gave up, but after my third try, the veneers fit perfectly. My friend sent pictures of my before and after to others and they were amazed that the dental work was done so quickly! I was uncertain about the results until my best friend told me... "wow! that's the best you have ever looked!!"

As I get various treatments, I know u can help me reshape the product to conceal any work in progress. Your product really works. The few people I told about this product thought it couldn't be true. The Imako product is also very comfortable to wear... it doesn't bother some of my sensitive teeth that seem close to falling out. We all know that we gotta see the dentist sooner or later... as scared and uncomfortable as we might be.... but at least we have a way to cover the problem areas until they are fixed. I do have crummy dental insurance.... but I will try to update my progress. I hope others have success with this product. It won't fix your problems.... but for me, it has been a damn good "dental toupee!" or a good "cosmetic solution" (use the terminology that works.) I'm going to sleep... but use my testimony if u want.

-James Waite, NY

Dear Nancy and Friends,

I just want you to know that I really appreciate your product, Imako. I have some smile issues that I am going to be working on with my dentist. I told my best friend that the Imako is like a dental "toupee." It won't fix the problem, but a good toupee will restore some confidence. A bad one will make u look stupid. My mother is sharing my smile all over Facebook and everyone is impressed. No one says it looks fake or stupid. Just like a toupee won't regrow your hair, the Imako can help your appearance until the problem is fixed. It is also very comfortable. Thank you.

- James Waite, NY (again)

Im writing to you from the UK, Im a 42 year old male, iv never had a good smile even though iv got great teeth. I purchased you're product when looking on the internet, i was very apprehensive that they would work, how wrong i was, they are great it has transformed my smile big time. I feel great and I’m over the moon. I looked into snap on teeth they quoted me £1125 yes wot how much. Imako £40. Thanks imako for making my smile real nice.

Robert, Lancashire, UK

I was so impressed with my first pair of cosmetic teeth! I am excited for my next pair! My first was the small natural, and have yellowed over time. This time I ordered the small bleached for my Reba illusion, I'm excited! Thank you!

- Brad Fennel

I am so please with your product that I would like to send you my photo do that you can see my amazing transformation. Please allow me to send it to you.

-T. Evans, MD

First - I have to say how much I LOVE your Imako Cosmetic Teeth. I ordered two sets two years ago and was too embarrassed to even try to fit them but was forced to recently when two very noticeable crowns broke off at the gum line.

QUESTION: When will you start offering bottom overlays? Before I explain why I am requesting, I bought two of your uppers and used one on top and then modified the remaining top one by cutting individual "teeth" and bonded them together with the same process used for fitting the upper teeth. This made a BEAUTIFUL bottom partial that fits well and has not caused any problems.

With this said, I have an auto immune disease called Sjogrens Syndrome. Once the immune disease became "active", in my body around age 30 my teeth began to decay rapidly (prior to that, I only had two cavities).. I had all but two teeth capped (not veneer but a true crown in a beautiful white color made out of Leucite Reinforced material). This cost me over $20k (this does not include the price of two attempted implant molars which my body reject due to my auto immune disease". Over the past year, one by one, all but 6 of my crowns have broken off. Because I have a medical condition that causes this, my dentist will repair his own work or reduce his fee. Your Imako teeth are a LIVE SAVER while waiting for my Medical - NOT DENTAL insurance to cover a full set of implant dentures. THANK YOU IMAKO!

Very happy with the"teeth".very rarely do I do I write any kind of report on a product, but in this case I feel compelled.there are few things in life that can, especially for a small amount of money, restore self esteem so easily. My hat is off to you! I'll be buying a spare set and refer you and your co. to any one in need of this profuct . It works well for me.thank you for making me smile again.

A. Waters, Palm Beach, FL

Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! What a wonderful product! It is everything you guys say and more! Very satisfied!!!!!!

M. Trask, IN


Great product works best tried them all your teeth do not fall off the beaded glue while the competitors all did this product is an a+ the others a D theirs dont stick to the glue i will be ordering another pair until i get my full dentures. Yours work the others don't i spent hours trying to get the competitors to do what yours do best. Fit mold and stay tight together! Thanks for a great product.

Your product out performs the others ten fold! All your materials come together to form a perfect cosmetic denture. Thank you once again for giving me a smile i haven't had in over 10 years. Only wish i had known about your product a decade ago!

Dee chicago


This product is simple to use and looks great. I never leave msgs on sites. I am completely satisfied. I have two broken teeth in the front and i feel much better about myself since I’ve been wearing them. So thanx again.

Author unknown

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