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Im writing to you from the UK, Im a 42 year old male, iv never had a good smile even though iv got great teeth. I purchased you're product when looking on the internet, i was very apprehensive that they would work, how wrong i was, they are great it has transformed my smile big time. I feel great and I’m over the moon. I looked into snap on teeth they quoted me £1125 yes wot how much. Imako £40. Thanks imako for making my smile real nice. 

-Robert, Lancashire, UK


Hi. I have a very public profession. After losing a front tooth, and having discoloration due to smoking, I felt very embarrassed when speaking in public. I just received your cosmetic product by express delivery. I have a dental appointment in two weeks but I know it will take time to work out implants or bridges. I told a few close friends that I was going to try your product to conceal my dental imperfections until the work could be done. Everyone was skeptical, including me. I almost gave up, but after my third try, the veneers fit perfectly. My friend sent pictures of my before and after to others and they were amazed that the dental work was done so quickly! I was uncertain about the results until my best friend told me... "wow! that's the best you have ever looked!!"
As I get various treatments, I know u can help me reshape the product to conceal any work in progress. Your product really works. The few people I told about this product thought it couldn't be true. The Imako product is also very comfortable to wear... it doesn't bother some of my sensitive teeth that seem close to falling out. We all know that we gotta see the dentist sooner or later... as scared and uncomfortable as we might be.... but at least we have a way to cover the problem areas until they are fixed. I do have crummy dental insurance.... but I will try to update my progress. I hope others have success with this product. It won't fix your problems.... but for me, it has been a damn good "dental toupee!" or a good "cosmetic solution" (use the terminology that works.) I'm going to sleep... but use my testimony if u want.

-James Waite, NY

Dear Nancy and Friends,
I just want you to know that I really appreciate your product, Imako. I have some smile issues that I am going to be working on with my dentist. I told my best friend that the Imako is like a dental "toupee." It won't fix the problem, but a good toupee will restore some confidence. A bad one will make u look stupid. My mother is sharing my smile all over Facebook and everyone is impressed. No one says it looks fake or stupid. Just like a toupee won't regrow your hair, the Imako can help your appearance until the problem is fixed. It is also very comfortable. Thank you. 

- James Waite, NY (again)


I just received your cosmetic teeth and I can't tell you how amazing I feel. I CAN SMILE AGAIN, THANK U THANK H THANK UA MILLION MORE THANK U'S !!!!!! I would love to do a video of my before after for you.

-Tina, whereabouts unknown


Thank you for such quick reply... with both orders. :-). Because of Imako, my confidence and appearance has been complimented numerous times through my work shift... although a quick fix for someone needing an incredible amount of dental work done, it's breathtaking experience for me to have that glow again which had been hiding from embarrassment... a finance I'm able to handle while waiting for dental insurance. A wedding on the way with events in between which now I'll smile when pictures are taken. :-)

-H. Park, Pleasanton, CA

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your product. I am a 45 year old woman who was unable to face people or perform a job due to my dental issues. So many people take for granted the importance of a smile or the mere task of talking to another person with out having to worry about perception or judgement.

I lost several teeth due to an abusive husband (ex now) and not having dental insurance has only hindered my ability to secure a job or have any self worth and esteem.
Your product has afforded me the opportunity to feel free to smile, talk and try again.
-Tracy V.

Thank you for such quick reply... with both orders. :-). Because of Imako, my confidence and appearance has been complimented numerous times through my work shift... although a quick fix for someone needing an incredible amount of dental work done, it's breathtaking experience for me to have that glow again which had been hiding from embarrassment... a finance I'm able to handle while waiting for dental insurance. A wedding on the way with events in between which now I'll smile when pictures are taken. :-)
-H. Park, Pleasanton, CA

Hello, My name is Flavius Lee. I would just like to sincerely thank you for this product. It has greatly enriched my life and boosted my self esteem..I am on a fixed income and these teeth have been a blessing to me. I am truly satisfied with my new smile. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you....
-Flavius Lee, Dyersburg,Tn.

I absolutely love my imako cosmetic teeth. I can not thank you enough for this product. I work in a high volume restaurant as a server and the imako cosmetic teeth have giving me back my confidence and smile. As a server I talk a lot in an 8 hour shift. I wear mine everyday. They are very comfortable and fit securely in my mouth. I never worry about them falling out. Thank you again for such an awesome product.
 -K. Odum, OH

With MUCH appreciation and thanks I would like to tell you what a fantastic change wearing your product has done in my life. Attached is a photo last month soon after i received my Imako teeth, of me after swimming 1km, i swim with me Imako in!! Yep! no problem. I am 45 and fit, and happy, BUT my teeth all my life have been a problem.

I had spent $6000NZD recently on them, 4 crowns at the front, then because of an old root canal job, a front side one came out, and could not be replaced for less than $1000. I looked terrible, like an old pirate. after Imako, my confidence returned, I am not afraid to open my mouth now when i smile, and recently I met the most wonderful girl online, so I am off to the Philippines to be with her for 3 months, then we are returning home to NZ. It is not the teeth that have done all of this, but certainly as one's smile and face is first seen, and impressions made, it does help to look confident and happy, not reserved and ashamed to smile. So THANKS SO MUCH! What a truly amazing and easy to use product! Keep up the fantastic work, of blessing peoples lives again with a smile!!!

Ted Charlton "Flying Kiwi" New Zealand


You people are incredible and should be given hundreds of awards for your accomplishments.  I have read all the reviews and tears came to my eyes for their existence.   All these people, including me, you have helped psychologically and given a more confident way of living. 

I have 4 sets of teeth right now and just ordered another one, the first set I've done a lot of experimenting with because I am an avid smoker and I drink, Diet Dr. Pepper, ooooohhh, really stains, but so far I have worked some things out with it.  First, I use a filter for smoking and just put the filter back behind my teeth, that actually gives the cigarette a better taste.  The, Dr. Pepper, I use a straw and do the same thing.  I also eat some things with them in, like pudding, cream pie, twinkies, anything that is soft or cool, I rinse afterwards and carry on.  It's not like I cant take them out, but I love wearing them so much that I want them in all the time.  My husband says I love that cute smile. 

When I am out people look at me as if I am someone famous, I used to get asked that a lot when I was younger and now it feels like it is happening again.  I am the daughter of someone famous but that has always been kept a secret and very private.  My father never wanted me subjected to all the publicity.  Well, I have said enough, I could not find a place to put a comment on your site, so I wanted to Thank you again...and thanks to all you people who have made so many lives happy.

L. Cates - MO


After all the YouTube videos and research I went with Secure Smile because of price and the ease of fitting them. I got my Secure smile last week.  I was SO excited.  When I opened them I instantly noticed the color and how thick they were.  Still I remained positive.  After fitting them ...which was actually NOT as easy as they made it seem , they stuck so far out! The color was awful. I took a picture sent it to my best friend and her first response was ... Did you get the right size? I played with them for 3 days before I just accepted that they were not going to look any better.  Back to Google I went.  I ordered the Imako I watched the video for fitting etc.  What's ironic is the Imako were SO easy to fit. Way easier then you would think from watching the video. Snug. Pretty.  I got my Imako teeth yesterday. Hard to put into words but after I put them in ... I almost started crying. It is the first time in my entire life that I actually like my smile. I wish that more people knew about your product. I just can't believe how great they look. How great I look !!! So .... Thank you. 
I wore them to work today.  All day long I heard wow you look great. Did you get your hair done? You look so happy ..etc.  I am so impressed that I showed everyone.  I took 57 pictures of myself today.  I could go on for hours but unless you have a poor smile or have never had a nice smile even as a child you can't understand what a difference this little device has made in less then 24 hours. 
What I don't get is how come there are SO many people with the secure smile and secure smile updates on YouTube but not the Imako ? I found a few but not like secure smile.  I wonder if you contacted them and asked them to try the Imako if they would.  I feel like some people try the secure smile and it's so embarrassing and a waste of money that they give up.

Terry D., Seattle

Thanks again for another order! I and my mother really appreciate the super fast turnaround time, I ordered them yesterday morning and they shipped right away! My mom is delighted with your products, sending my sincerest thank you and much much appreciation!!!

- Melanie, MN


Just wanted to say "wow". I just got them and it took me not even a half hour to fit and wear!!!! They look fantastic, I love them!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much. These are a God send for me. Can't say enough!!

- Maureen B. Broomall, PA

Man that was speedy!  Thank you bunches!  My mom loves your product, it gives her the confidence she's wanted for years but can't afford via veneers.  On her and my behalf I'd just really like to send a big big thank you!!!!  Giving a person confidence and making someone feel good about themselves is something you should be very proud of!!!  It sure is nice seeing my mom smile again!!

-Mel M., MN

I can finally smile again!!! I have never been so happy. THANK YOU THANK YOU. THANK YOU. You great people have changed my life.

-Ken W. Troy, Illinois

I just wanted to drop a quick note of gratitude! Just ordered my 3rd pair of imakos. Dont know how you guys do it, but you always seem to get my order all the way across the country in a matter of 24hours. To the person who created this marvelous invention, words cannot express my appreciation. Im 30 years old with2 children and before i found this product, i wouldnt leave my home. (Front crown came out & cannot afford dental work i need) I couldn't stand even looking in the mirror. Since finding Imako, my entire life has changed for the better. Thanks to you, my children have their mommy back. And honestly, the device looks beautiful. Was so skeptical when i first ordered, but the product worked far beyond my expectations.. But looking in the mirror has become a much more pleasant experience with my imako teeth!

I can speak honestly about comparing Imako to Secure Smile because I ordered Secure Smile as my first cosmetic teeth. There is absolutely nothing positive I can say about Secure Smile. Basically, the product sucks. Imako is sooooo much better!

-Mandy W., Sweet Home Alabama

I have been using the imako teeth for 3 years and I think they are great!

-BrandyW., CA

Nancy, here are some pictures without and with new teeth. I can't believe the response I get from people who have known me along time. To see the smile on their faces when they see me smile, is worth millions. Thanks.

- David R., Stillwater, OK (pictures too blurry to post)


Please rush my order! Love your product. So very happy with the first set I ordered, but I've lost them. Need new ones asap. Thank you so much for such an amazing and affordable product!

- Mandy W., AL


I had broken off a cap: in the very front, of course! There was a jumble of wire and metal from the original post hanging out~~disgusting. My Imako's did the job of covering that up easily, comfortably and without the financial stress I had been dealing with concerning replacement caps.

- kw, Maine


Hi, I am a Disabled Viet Nam Veteran. Exposure to Agent Orange, and it's medical conditions have resulted in the deterioration of my teeth. Along with having PTSD, I have been very depressed with my mental and physical condition for many, many years. I have ordered your teeth before, and I want you to know, they have boosted my self esteem unmeasurably. They are not a "cure all" , but surely a wonderful start. Thank You, Thank You. Your Friend, 

- D. Ross, Stillwater, OK


A bit of my story. I destroyed my four front teeth in an auto accident after 4 hits to windshield (3 light poles and a brick wall-no seat belt) Ultimately I had all four extracted and replaced with dentures. The dentures NEVER fit and they were lost after I removed them due to pain. 

Since then, like many others, my financial circumstances have changed and I no longer have insurance to cover dentures and no way could I afford them on my own. So for the past couple of years I have had no front teeth. I have been embarrassed and even worse, I think, I have embarrassed my kids with my appearance.

One HALF HOUR with Imako and that has all changed. Thanks for an awesome product!! To anyone wondering whether or not to buy these-DO IT and don't wait. 

- Peggy Bayliss, Calais, ME


I can't thank you enough for this incredible invention. As a diabetic I am unfortunately cursed with peridontal issues such as decay and tooth loss. What I have gained from that is the unpleasant feeling of self-consciousness, especially working in customer service where a bright smile is essential.

After trying your product I was so elated with joy that I started jumping up and down in front of the mirror. My roommate thought I had lost my mind until I stepped out with a HUGE smile on my face. The reaction I got was "Wow! You look really good!"

- Joshua Vermillion, Wyoming

Just got them, and am very pleased with results. Thank you for making something i could afford and have access to. Your operators, and add is great. Me and my wife we're a little skeptical, but are simply amazed. Thank you again, you are a true blessing.

- Mr. William L. Dawson, Jax. Fla.


I just wanted to say that these teeth have changed my life. I have so much more confidence, I feel so much more pretty. I hate my original teeth, I'm so embarassed by them... I have a college degree, but people automatically don't think as highly of you if your teeth are messed up... these are a great quick fix! I'm getting married in 7 months and I'm so relieved that I am now able to smile in my wedding photos without worrying about how bad my teeth look.

- M. White, Lula, GA


I purchased the snap on smile and hated it since day one and feel my 1700 was completely wasted.  I am excited to try these.  The Doggie Dentures, what I called the Snap-on-Smile, I really was mislead and completely unhappy with, even though the inventor, Dr. Mark Leichtung installed them. They are like the Treadclimber I bought a few years ago, I paid nearly two grand and ended up not using AT ALL, and gave the climber to my Aunt.

- C. Weaver, NY, NY


I just wanted to let you know, your cosmetic teeth are FABULOUS! Amazing, simply amazing! I am a professional celebrity impersonator. Your product totally changed my character illusion of Reba.  It was the missing piece to the puzzle, it really was. My website is  We design, manufacture, retail, and rent giant party inflatables for parties and special events.  My "Reba" impersonation is featured as well.

Reba impersonator

- Brad Fennel as Reba! Sikeston, MO


Hi thought I would let you know I have been wearing my teeth and they are great, I had also purchased secure smile but they were very big in my mouth and felt very cumbersome so not for me.

- Lynne Marshal, Scotland


Hey i just wanted to write and let u all know that i got the cosmetic teeth today and am very pleased with them...i imediately fixed them for my mouth as soon as i got them....they look alot better and has already raised my self esteem...thanks alot and im one hundred percent sure that u all will be getting my business more often and i will help others to come to know this invention....thanks alot.

- Tonya from Virginia


I just got my imako Cosmetic Shell. I never had any real serious problems, but have always had gappy teeth (technically called Diastema).For about 3 years, I wore a product called the "Snap On Smile". It was almost $1500.00, and was very uncomfortable. Even after adjustments, I could never get it to be fully comfortable.  I found out about Imako after breaking my Snap On. I ordered it, had it shipped overnight and am so glad I did. The process of fitting was actually very easy. The fitting material being on the back of the product saves so many steps, and the product worked just as in the demonstration video. It's definitely worth the money to get a Hollywood Smile. Nancy Albert is an Angel boosting peoples confidence one smile at a time. She should be fully supported and her product endorsed!

- D. H.  Kansas City, MO


Thank you soooo much for making this product! I've been using the Imako teeth for a couple weeks now and the difference it makes in my attitude about myself is amazing. I've gotten so many compliments on my beautiful smile. I'll be ordering an extra pair soon when I have some extra money. Again, thank you!

- Jennifer B.


My son n law ordered me the imako teeth after we found out the cost it would be to fix my teeth, there was no way I could afford it right now, I was sad because I was going to a reunion, I had changed my mine I wasnt going to the reunion because my teeth looked so bad.When I recived the teeth I was like well they will look like cracker jack teeth, WOW how wrong I was , THANK YOU. My teeth look good feel good and I smile all the time, and by the way I am attending the reunion after all. Sept 17 2011.

- Liz from California


Thank you so much for such an awesome product in the cosmetic teeth! I was in a car accident 2 months ago and left some of my front teeth in the dashboard either totally or broken. I'm just now in the beginning stages of the dental repair required and your product has helped me to get by without having to explain what happened to me over and over again! Depending on how my dental work comes out, I just may keep it anyway!

- Joe


Received my order promptly. I feel like a new person. Love the Imako product. Thank you so much. This is such a relief that I can smile without embarrassment while I am getting my dental work done.

- Geri D.


I just wanted to say the Imako teeth are great!! Thank you for creating an incredible and affordable product. It's amazing how one simple fix can give someone more confidence. I can't stop smiling! They look great. THANK YOU!!! 
- Jonnie


Oh, my God. I couldn't believe my eyes! I feel so pretty. I had a gap next to my front teeth, never wanting to smile unless my hand covered my mouth. I know this a temporary fix, but what an amazing transformation! I studied the instructions to the tee. It took less then 15 minutes. Thank you, thank you!!!!! 
-  Ilona Victoria


Thanks Again Nancy, I must tell you. I gave my friend the Imako system and the difference is amazing! It took over an hour to figure out how to mold the adhesive gum but wow!, when he popped them in he looked like a different person! His confidence has changed and he finally has the movie star smile that he always wanted :-)  Thanks for all your help and communication, you have been great! 
- Darren Marais


Just recieved your product the other day and so far I am very pleased. Everyone that has seen me think that I had my dentues done that need to get accomplished. I wnted to say thankyu for a product that actually works and looks real. Thank you again I havent quit smiling yet. 
- Danielle L.


First off I would like to inform you that this is NOT a complaint! I would love to have wrote a testimonial to your product but could not find a link to it. I would like to thank you for you wonderful product! And I am 100% pleased with the results. I only wish that I ordered the bleached version in a larger size but I am still happy and it is a blessing. Thank you so much.... 
- Ryan from Kentucky


I bought a set of these a year ago and I still love them. 
- Rene Swartz


Coincidently, the pressure of the fitting plastic on Imako teeth is take away some pain that I get when I don't have them on. So in a way, I need these. These have saved me so many headaches that my unguarded teeth would've pained me. I just want to say thank you so much! 
- Chris from Oklahoma


Your product is INCREDIBLE! You have allowed my social life to be fun again. Thank you for that. 
- Gene Cera

just received it today. and may the almighty GOD bless you all for advertizing this product. its the best
thing out in the market. thank you so much. i must thank all the researchers and lab techs who made this product. i have a new life thanks to you all.

-J. Velazquez, Northampton, PA



I recieved my Imako Teeth today, and was leery about what I would expect. After 3 attempts of re-softening and positioning, I have the teeth I've always dreamed of. I just cant believe how natural and comfortable they fit, feel, and look. Thank you so much!

I am very pleased!

- V.R.F., Gulf Shores, AL


Hi, my name is Nick, I was in a dune buggy accident when i was young and one of my front teeth was chipped severely, and the other was completely knocked out, I got the chipped tooth fixed, and had a bridge put in for the missing one, but as I got older I outgrew the bridge, so I didn't where it any more, and I
never got a new one, well this lead my teeth to collapse, and the one front tooth to move outward, and I have had to live with this look for about 15 years, I just recently bought your product, and I must say
that they are truly amazing, I can smile again, and do it in confidence..

- Nick, MI


I recently ordered your product. It is truly amazing! I couldn't believe the results and how easy it is to

For the first time in years I am not embarassed to smile.

- Mike B, whereabouts unknown


Your product is amazing!! to be honest i thought it could never work or stay in place..i have had so many compliments..people think i got veneers..i ordered 2 more kits just to have them on hand but so far so good with the 1st teeth were not bad but i could not afford veneers or i feel wonderful!! tytytyty!!

- Mare, Pittsburg, PA


I really appreciate your product and your service. Because of you, I can offer a smile, which I haven't done in years. I started looking into dentures years ago, when my Hashimoto's disease went undiagnosed, and my teeth began to fall over like dead trees in my mouth. My dentist got me a partial, but, my teeth continue to degenerate. My means are slim and you know that dentures cost thousands of dollars. I was looking pretty "tobacco road" before I found you. Your product is more comfortable than the partial (2
teeth ) I had. I'm saving a fortune in poly-grip. Best of all, Ican smile, sneer, grimace, snarl, grin, pout, curl my lip, and cough and sneeze without fear of my teeth becoming a flying object.

- S. Tabor, whereabouts unknown 

Yesterday I ordered a set of Imako Cosmetic Teeth. I received them this morning and am wearing them as I type this. I cannot believe how fabulous they are. I had an unfortunate accident this past week and a front cap I have had for almost 30 years broke off. I have a very special event that I am going to tomorrow in my honor. I was not going to show up because of the gap in my smile. My friend found your site on line and I read all of your testimonies. I thought what can I lose? I called your officeand spoke with Deborah. A wonderful and caring person. I ordered them for overnight delivery. They were here by 10:00 a.m. today, My smile is perfect. Probably better than the one my dentist created 30 years ago. Tomorrow will be a wonderful eveing that I have been looking forward to and can now enjoy and laugh and smile. Thank you,
thank you, thank you.

- S. Leach, Long Beach, CA


To the Company-Greetings!
Thry a 2nd company I have purchased your product. To say I am pleased is an understatemnet! And I am in a post to know whereof I speak. Am am an ex- thearter manager, and a long time Historical Impersonator/Living Historian(you know, the folks in knee breeches/cocked hatts, walking about Colonial Williamsburg,Va.) All manner of costume and appearance is a passion of this Hobby, and this writer. I have lost two front teeth, and a fancy dentist and his train of attendent harpies is about as likely for me as buying a Yacht! So, your product has filled a great need. You have combined the art and mystery of stage makeup with the ease of modern plastics, and simplified methods and customer instructions. By your instructions, which were easy for the non-profesional to follow, and a start point for the more knowledgeable to work from, I have a very fine product, which hides the dental defects, and I can indeed, Sing an Opera (perhaps an Opera Buffo, since my music skills extend to turning on a radio, and not finding a station!)

- Squire Charles Anthony, Dunham at Maine 

It would be an honor if you used my comments on your website. Your product is incredible, and I love them so much. I tell everyone about them, and I think there are several people at my church who are thinking of getting some for themselves. I will be sending a before and after picture of myself with my Imako teeth. They look MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Once again God bless you and thank you for your great product.

- Shawn C. from Florida.


I never thought I would be writing a testimonial. I just received my imako teeth, put them on and i feel so much better. I am a victim of domestic voilence and had my front teeth shattered. I didnt have the money to have them repaired, and everyday looking in the mirror I was reminded of what me and my children been thru. Until I can afford to have them fixed, imako is providing me a way of a normal life.
I am saving up for another pair, and I just want to say thank you.

- Katrina V., Philadelphia, PA 

I purchased a kit from you about 6 months ago and they are fabulous. They are still in great condition!

- Thomas Farrell, Allendale, MI


I just bought your Imako Teeth and I have to say after careful fittings and working with it a little, I found it to be pretty good. I have to wait and see what others say but I like them and am satisfied with my order.

- Dr. Micah Lawrence, Austin, TX

I absolutely LOVE this product! You guys are geniuses. I haven't had this much confidence since I was in high school. Thank you so much. I am truly going to recommend this product to everyone that I see! THANK YOU!

- R. Randall from Chicago

I recieved the small natural set a week ago and at first thought was that they were going to be noticably fake but after trying them on and getting used to them while talking. I went to a job interview, got the job, just wanted to let you know that while a little uncomfortable at first, these give me alot more
confidence until I can get my teeth worked on.I'ive even ate with my natural back molars while the fake ones were on and didnt have too bad of a problem. Thanks.

- Jeff, Florida

This is the most amazing product ever!!!!! My front tooth had chipped and i informed my mother I was
not going to Thanksgiving. She told me to order a set of the teeth after I told her about them and they are wonderful. I have them in now and I don't even notice them! I just notice that I can smile without being mortified. Thank you thank you thank you.

- Tricia M., Norfolk VA


- Kia , FL

Thank You Thank You!!! These are the most wonderful thing that I have ever seen I have struggles with my teeth for years they look so bad and now with these I can smile and be happy about the way I look I am ordering a second pair just to be sure I am never without these I only wish more people knew about
these wonderful teeth. Again thank you.

- Carrie H., CO 

I got my teeth and my husband fixed them to fit and they are beautiful!!! I love them and everyone thinks I have had dental work. I'm going to order me another set. I am soooooo happy!!!


 I wanted to let you all know that once I finished fitting my teeth and put them in when I looked in the mirror I almost cried, I haven't been able to smile for the longest time, and now I smile at everyone.

- D. Link, TX


I just wanted to thank you. If this product didn't exist, I wouldn't have the job I have now. :) Thank you.

- V. Miller, IL 


- Jessie, N. Platt, NE

I just wanted to thank you - I have been nearly homebound for the past 8 months because the appearance of my teeth had gotten so bad. I simply can't afford the extensive dental work they will require, which I know I will have to get at somepoint, plus I am TERRIFIED of the dentist. My mother saw your product (which as far as I can find is the only one of it's kind available) and I ordered them, received them in three days and after a little work got a darn good fit. I went with my family to the malland park today - nobody looked at them, they look like my teeth, match my bottoms and are comfortable. I honestly doubted that they would work and am so pleased. They have changed my life - so thank you very much. It's truly a wonderful product.

What a difference it has made for me, you really wouldn't believe how much my life has already changed and my family is so happy for me. I feel like I can be a Mom again. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! I'm even ordering another set just to make sure I'm never without them!

- Bobbi Malatesta, Jacksonville, OR

Thank you so much for creating this great product. For those of us who have been afraid to let anyone see our teeth, because cost-prohibitive dental procedures are too much of a financial burden, this is a great temporary solution. Of course, I hope to get my teeth repaired one day, but until then, this at least gives me the confidence to smile or laugh, or have my picture taken, without feeling like I have to keep my mouth closed, or cover it up with my hand. We are off to the family reunion at the end of the week, and now I am looking forward to it!

- Debby, Denton, TX

Last time I ordered a pair of these there was either a problem with my bank or your system. I called and spoke with you and you went ahead and put the order through (thank you!). I am using a different debit card this time so hopefully there will not be any problems.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product. I know that people send in testimonials all the time, but I still wanted to put in my two cents...

I bought these because I have a gap in the front of my teeth, everyone says my teeth are fine and that it's not noticeable, but I notice. I have always hated my teeth. I ordered these because I thought it would be nice to have pretty teeth on special occasions, then I could smile (open mouthed) and not be embarrassed (especially in photos). I got these fitted in about 20 minutes, they fit so snug, not uncomfortable at all. It was a little odd to see myself with bigger, prettier, whiter teeth. I was a little hesitant to go in public for the first time, mostly because I looked so different to myself. But I did. I went to a concert and took a lot of photos that night. Boy, I looked completely different! I felt more confident and it showed in the photos. I have even started wearing these to work, they are that comfortable. So I am ordering a second pair, I'm not sure what I'd do if something happened to the ones I have. Have to have a backup plan!

So, thank you again!

- Natalie G., Antioch, TN

Hi Nancy,
I just ordered another back up kit of the cosmetic teeth. Wow what a difference and now I have been getting positive results with people who know me and on the job. Yes,it really makes a big difference with a simple and inexpensive way to bring back that smile again. You can not eat with these with my review but can certainly drink with them. At first I did not do this right when applying them but once you get them right with the correct impression they work with most types of dental problems. This is not a way to avoid the dentist but a way to make you look great in between dental visits and breaking up the costs over a long period of time. Here is my new smile below and thanks again for a great product that works.

- Mark, CT

HOLY SNIKIES!!!!! Received today, took about 30 mins all together to fit, but man what a difference. I was out paying bills all this morning and when friends came by this evening told them I was at Dentist all morning getting veneers LOL! They didn't have a clue! I had a head on collision 13 years ago and I could never afford to have my teeth fixed. I have a partial but, I also have a gag reflex, so I could never wear it. I have NO problem wearing your products.

I have friends calling up other people to come look at my New Veneers! LMAO!! The fit is perfect, had no problem putting in or taking out. They hold perfectly still when talking and my crappy singing around the house. Only problem I have is my cheeks hurt from smiling! LOL! I will charge up my camera and send you some before and after pics. Thanks SOOOOOOO MUCH! I could KISS you!

- Dave, MO

Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product! I'm a college student and there was no way I could afford a cosmetic dental bill, so I bought your product out of desperation. When it first came I didn't think it would even work, but after 30 mins of playing around with it, I got an amazing fit. My friends thought I had veneers done LOL. I never actually had bad teeth, but there's a small gap in the front and it's visible in pictures and when I talk. I'm in modeling and I also compete in beauty pageants, and these things are AWESOME for those! I gave your website to several of my girl friends, and now everyone in our pageant has a perfect smile! Thanks so much, cant say enough about it!!!

- Darcy, CA

I just wanted to thank you for your great product. I just placed another order for your cosmetic teef. I purchased 3 sets of them recently for my Dad who is in his Mid 70's and has only 7 top teeth which are in good shape. He loves to wear them when he goes out and it really boosts his confidence. His dentist was quite impressed. Thanks for making someone happy.

- Frank Mastir, Sunderland, MA

I received my cosmetic teeth in the mail yesterday and wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your product.

I had a really hard time getting them to fit properly though, not because of the teeth themselves, but because I have a slight overbite, a very small mouth and not to mention a few missing teeth. The fitting process was a chore. However, after much manipulating, I was finally able to get a nice fit. I had to cut some of the gum down because it was making my mouth protrude way too far out. Once I did that though, the teeth fit nicely.

I also want to tell you that the teeth are beautful - if anybody as any reservations here, I can tell you that they really look real. My kids thought that I somehow had my teeth fixed... they even looked up close and could not tell.

Thank you so much for what you are doing for those of us who simply cannot afford the outrageous costs of traditional cosmetic dentistry. After my divorce, illness and loss of insurance, financially I was faced with no solution other than embarrassment of my teeth until you came along.

I know this isn't a permanent solution, but in the meantime, these teeth will help me to go out in public again and not be as embarrassed as I was before.

Thank you for helping me smile again!

- K. Rodriguez, Culpepper, VA

Just wanted to say wow!!! They are amazing and very clever idea. People are astonished at the difference it has made to me, as I have unsightly missing front and side teeth. Not any more, I have a hollywood smile to be proud off thank you sooooo much!!! I shall be smiling for my wedding day.

I am so happy, you really wouldn't understand, I have been not able to smile for approximatly 8 years...and my mouth has always been closed for a smile on camera and everyday. The teeth have not only given me the smile, but have changed the shape of my mouth!! I will be purchasing another set for spare. Marvelous really thanks again...

- Mikki, Wales, UK

I recently purchased the Imako Cosmetic Teeth. When they arrived, I thought they looked too small for my mouth. It took me awhile to get them to look the way I wanted them to, but once I did, they look so natural that my sister even asked me if I had "porcelain veneers" performed. I had to play with them to get them to fit properly, but now that I have, they fit nice, and they come out so easily, yet they are secure when you put them back in. It was tricky for me to do them right because I was so anxious to see the results, at first I didn't take the time to fit them the way described. Once I did, they fit nicely over my own teeth, there's some bonding that you can use for missing teeth, I have 2 missing on the side of my mouth; that bonded and is very strong, now when I want them back in, I just pop them back in my mouth in a second or two and they are exactly the way I fit them in. Very nice tight feeling. I'm very thankful for this product, it has made a difference in my smile; a wonderful difference. As with everyone else, I know it's not a permanent solution; but for now, it sure does help your self esteem. I've always had bad teeth, kind of brittle, and was never really comfortable with smiling, now I love to. I've only had them a few days, but what a difference they have made. I will be ordering another set in the future; just in case something happens. Thank you so very much for this wonderful product.

- John, NV


- No name supplied

*You can't please everybody! But this customer could have returned the product for a refund less $15.

Note from this company

I wanted to say thanks for a very intresting product. It is just as easy as it says it is and I found I could eat with them on. I had corn on the cob and hot dogs at a BBQ the first night I had the Imako product. I dont have any missing teeth but I have spaces and my front tooth is out futher then all the others. but with a little pressing of the teeth I now have a straight smile without braces. I do agree whole heartly that this product will help alot of low income and people waiting for dental proceedures thanks a million.

- Tia, Houston, TX

hey it works and I am ever so grateful that I found you! You have given me my smile and social life back... thank you so much......please know that those of us that cannot afford gigantic dental bills sure appreciate what you have made available to us....God Bless You!

- Ruth Anne, Liberty, SC

I wanted to say again how pleased I am with the product! When I sent for them I did not know whether they would fit, or whether I would be able to customise them, though I was very reassured by the video, which was very clear. I played it through several times, so that I was sure of what I was doing before I started. I jotted down the steps, as the video goes to fast to follow when you are actually doing it. Then I did it exactly how she showed, and it worked a treat! I was afraid it might feel funny when fitted, but it doesn't at all. I forget I am wearing it, and have to be careful not to eat anything absent mindedly. One time I did forget, and accepted a canape , but I simply moved it over to the side at the back, and chewed with my back teeth, and it was fine. I think it would be fine to take a soft biscuit when out to tea with someone, and just let it melt in your mouth. I just let tea get cold, which is how I like to drink it anyway. I found the eye teeth of the Imako were longer than my own, so I thought I would file them off with my diamond nail file. However, I found they were quite soft, so I very carefully snipped them off with nail scissors, and that has worked fine too.I am also delighted and quite amazed at how it can feel so firm and secure when it is in place, yet come out so easily and immediately when you want to get it out! It's just BRILLIANT!

- M. Powell, UK

I have to tell you that I got your product Wed. April 26th and gave it to my friend, who was wishing and wanting it. She, and her husband were so sure it would not help, or work. Worried about spending the money. Then when she told me about it I said "send me the URL". Well you have made her day, if not year. She has kept herself mostly home bound because of the way her teeth looked. Your product will not fix the actual problem but it does make self esteem abound. I swear she is standing straighter and smiling from the top of her head to her feet. I don't think she even knew how depressed the tooth problem was making her. We are actually going out shortly in public too. WOW!! Now she can go out and get a job to earn the money to get the real fix. I hope.

This is the best gift, I have ever given to anyone. I have never had a gift be so rewarding. I only wish all my gifts were so perfect for the recipient. Helping her has made my day, thank you so much for making this available. Making such a big difference in someones life for less then $50 is phenomenal.

- T. Zell, High Ridge, MO

Thank you for the fantastic first set, they are best product I have bought for a while so now getting a spare set.

- P. Burns, UK

I would like to send this to thank you so very much, you have given me a new outlook on life. As I have lived with peridontal disorder eighteen years. I had quadrant cleanings done, and some broken teeth removed, over the years as I could afford, and as my terrible fear of dentists has allowed me. I never smiled, and stayed depressed for most of my life, and ever since I received the cosmetic teeth that I ordered from you, I am able to smile without shame, and inferior feelings. These cosmetic teeth are incredible, they look so real, I spent hours the first time I wore them crying, and smilling in the mirror. I couldnt stop either one, my face actually hirt the next day from smiling so much. I know its just a temporary coverup, but the way it made me feel, there is no true way to express it. I can only say thank you so very much for giving me a smile to be proud of. I hope you the best in everything, and my god be with you for the happiness you have brought to all who try this product. Also I will be submitting some photos of before and after. Thank you with all my heart.

- Steve, York, SC

I love the teeth. I thought maybe it was a gimmick and the pics may be doctored. Now I am convinced that they are awesome and a real fix!!

- M. Cooke, Maple Falls, WA

I had to have 2 more teeth pulled! I went Wed. to get it done and wore my Imako teeth to the dentist office. He as well as his whole staff were amazed at them! The dental technician who makes partials for patients was very interested! I gave her your web address. She said this was a good alternative for people at my stage who still have a few viable teeth and can't afford the custom made partials.

- D. Jackson, Stewart, TN

Finding a job in the civilian sector has been difficult for me since I broke my two front teeth in a sporting accident. I once had them "fixed" by the Army but it was temporary and broke a few years after. Consequently, although I have the brain and ability for a job in the public sector I couldn't get hired anywhere except in the labor-type jobs (mover, factory work). I am glad to say that today I received my Imako dental shell. I am so amazed! It took about two-hours for me to tweak the fit just right, but now I look so much better. Although I have a tiny bit of puffiness in the upper lip from the fit that I is well worth it. I know I will grow accoustomed to it and my wife is so happy. She had never seen me with a good smile before! I am going to look for a job tomorrow in the public sector tomorrow. I have more confidence now that I can smile and not have people judge me on my dental appearance. Perhaps now I can be appreciated for my brain power and not just my physical labor abilities. Isn't the world that way, though? No matter what you have in your brain if your appearance is less than appealing people will automatically judge you and discredit you before you get a chance to really open your mouth. I am no longer shy to open my mouth. Thank you for all your work and research, you deserve to be very rich for all the happiness and laughs (yes, I have seen your funny teef too:)that you have helped bring to the world. I will let others with similar problems know about your product and thanks to Debbie too for giving us that professional assurance that our order was on the way. It arrived exactly the time she said it would! Five out of Five Stars!!!!

- Jonathan, Haltom City, TX


- Kathleen, Lindenhurst, NY

I just wanted to let you know that i have really enjoyed the cosmetic shell and that i might even get another one just for safe measure. Everyone that has seen it tells me that my teeth looks great and that i now have a movie star smile. they just think i got my teeth cleaned and had bridge work done. I let them think no different. I have really had fun with these and also my self confidence has reall shot sky high. I now can smile without being embarrased about my real teeth and not having to cover my mouth when i smile sure does feel great. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product and i am sure to tell all the people i know about you. Thanks again and i will be ordering very soon.

- Joey, Pleasant Grove, AL


- Thug Luv, Ontario

I just wanted to "thank" your company for coming up with such a great product. I wish I was brave enough to show you my "before" and "after" photos for your product is just wonderful.

- Kevin, Santa Ana, CA

I wanted to get back with you to say that I received your product, it took me a while before I got up the nerve to fit and trim it, but I did that last night, and your product is simply "fabulous". It fits good, works great, and looks very nice. Thank you every so much for helping me to smile again. You're a godsend and made my life brighter. I smiled with ease and now can move on with my future. thanks again.

- Christie, Lutz, FL

These are so easy to use, I was so surprised. I do think I ordered the wrong color though it is too white. It is so ingenious and I do so appreciate these teeth. I was watching a soap opera and this girl was trying to change her identity and had these clip on teeth. I said there must be somewhere to get these. I did a search on clip on teeth and thank goodness I found you. I cannot get an appointment until late October. I am in a wheelchair and it is very hard to transfer. I really wish I had alot of money because I would buy people that need teeth and can't afford them your product.

This prosthetic I got from you has made me look the way I used to. I am telling everyone I know and they are impressed. I know it does not mean I should not see the dentist and I wish I knew sooner so I did not have to be embarrassed when we had company. I always had pretty teeth and whenI knew it would be a awhile before I could get them repaired I had to do something. The holidays are coming and I want to look attractive and Imako has given me so much more self esteem. When I see the dentist in Nov. I am going to tell and show him. I am going to tell him that there is no reason for anyone to be without teeth....and give him your address and all the info. Thats how much it means to me, thank you so much.

Thanks so much!

- Toni Pratt, Albany, NY

I rec'd my package yesterday afternoon. It is fantastic. My husband had been recently seriously ill, after his recovery many of his caps fell off and his teeth became brittle and began breaking off. He is in the course of extensive dental repair and has been extremely self conscious of his appearance. I have been looking everywhere locally for a cosmetic "fix" for him and was thrilled but a little skeptical to find the Imako product. We had a dental assistant fit the appliance and boy oh boy what a difference it made. He left the house this morning with a gleam in his eye I have not seen in a while. Thank you for distributing a product that so simply can help persons self esteem. Have a great day :)

- Anne Eisler Deans, Norristown, PA

Hi Nancy! I’ve finally gotten around to taking “with” and “without” pictures using my daughter’s picture phone! I hope you can see them well enough. I had another dentist appointment yesterday (I’ve been seeing him for a year now), and we’re getting closer to the real deal! I expect one partial to be in by December and the other to be in by January.

I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful device! It’s helped me to make that big decision of finding a dentist that I could truly trust to help me to return to good oral health. ThankYou!ThankYou!ThankYou!

I wish more people knew about your Imako. It makes such a HUGE difference in how you feel about yourself.

- Kimberly Krasley, Catasauqua, PA

Hi, my name is Kerry. My husband found your site one night while I slept. He ordered the Imako teeth. I got them today. I wanted to thank you so very very much. I might leave the house once a week and today alone I have smiled more than I have in years. I'm not even sure what to do, I feel still in shock. The few people that have seen them have loved them and they couldn't believe the vast improvement that it has given me. We are not putting off Dental work, but this will help me get out into the world until all is taken care of. I will send a before and after pic when I get one and again, thank you so much. I wish I could give you and your company a big hug. Today my tears were of joy and not sadness. Thank-You, Thank-you and Thank-You.

- Kerry, Little Rock, AR

I purchased my "teef" this week and am amazed.

- Ann, New Britain, CT

I just had to write to let you know I have ordered and second set of teef. Never before have I been so thrilled and satisfied with a product.. I have all my original teeth and they are very strong. They just look like crap. All these years of coffee, teas, smoking, ect have taken their till looks wise. In closing, I wanted to say you have a fantastic product tha thas given people back their self-confidence to say the least. Thank you from one in that group.

- Brian, Clinton, MI

Nancy I really like your new web site, Im sure it will really help promote this great product. I have to say it again, without your product I would be lost. I can't wear conventional dentures, but when I make them out of these its incredible. My dentist gets a kick out of the fact I make my own dentures. If only there was a way to combine the old product with the new. the old imako didnt stain as easily ( Im a smoker ) but it wasnt as strong. Oh well I should just quit smoking. Anyway thanks again, and until I can afford implants I will continue to buy these. take care.

- Gabe, Levittown, NY

I ordered the Imako teef a few weeks ago. I wish I could fully express to you what my new "teeth" have done for me. I feel like a whole new person! I laugh more, smile more, and I feel sooo good about myself. I can't believe how well your product works, and how real it looks on me. No one even knows that they are fake, all they can talk about it how great I've been looking. You have found yourself a lifelong customer in me! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR HELPING ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF!

- H. M., OH

It is really hard to get and keep a decent job when your teeth are totally screwed up (busted upper and lower jaw in bad accident and of course I busted and cracked most of my teeth up). We settled years ago but the attorney took almost 50% of it and replacing our vehicle and paying hospital bills took the rest of the money so of course I was stuck with being a nice looking woman with messed up teeth. People would look at me and I could almost read their mind when I talked to them. I know a lot of people probably thought I was doing drugs, with rotting and busted teeth that were not my fault, not from neglect but messed up due to a bus driver pulling out in front of us.

Your teef changed things immediately! I went from only smirking, never really laughing to being able to smile and laugh freely. Thanks.

- Tracy, HA

I would like to tell you how your product helped my 14 year old sister! She entered a local beauty pageant, using your product, and won prettiest smile & won the entire pageant! Thanks so much!

- Brandon, GA

Dr.Buck I would like to thank you for this product I got my teeth today and it only took about 15 minutes to fit and they look great compared to the way I used to smile thank you much and please keep me updated about new products.

- Lawrence, Maryland

I am 45, bald, and have splayed out teeth, so I look like Shrek. My friends laughed at me when I showed them my new "teef". They couldn't understand why I would want to wear them. But, a woman smiled at me from across the room where I was working out, a first for me in my entire life.

- Michael, MN

I've had my Imako teef for a week now....and im talking more than ever, and Laughing like i never laughed before. I feel and look so good that i think i should do a MTV Music video and be on the front cover of a Magazine.... My real teeth Look like an "Can Opener".....LOL....It's a good thing i can laugh about it Now, Before i would just Shy away and not speak my mind. However, My confidence level is at its all time High 500%. Im gonna be a life time customer, and as a matter of fact, Im gonna order another two more sets next week so i can have a few spare, When i take some pictures im gonna do a before and after and im gonna Mail them to Dr.Bukk's office. thank you so much.

- Jae, OH

I have recently purchased your product, about three weeks ago, first of all the delivery was so quick I could not belive they came so fast. Second and most important, afer I fitted them witch took only fifteen min. I could not belive how good my mouth looked. When my wife saw the way I looked she started to cry. thank you for your product.

- Michael, NY

We received the teef 4 days ago and took us about an hour to fit them comfortably.

As the whole family got together at the campgrounds this weekend, I seen my husband just let loose and laugh. It was the most beautiful sight in the world. I have not seen him smile or laugh like that in 8 years. He lit up the whole area. I wanted to cry. In less than a week, your product has changed my husbands personality. Its amazing. He smiles all the time. I cant get over seeing him like this. We even made plans to attend a couple of parties this month. We havent been to a party in years. Thank you so much. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

- Claire, KS



- Steve, NY

I got mine today and it did take me a long while to fit them and get the look right and to trim them up but oh my god. I can't believe it. I'm smiling every chance I get. This product is truly worth every bit that you put into it. You have a lifetime customer here. Thankyou so much for giving me back my confidence and my smile. I love it!

- Kristina, TX

Oh my God! I had ordered the cosmetic teef in December and was complaining about how big and gaudy and fake they looked until i went to work and people said your porcelin veneers look so good! how much did they cost? I am 45, soon to be 46 and I am quite beautiful and people think that i am much younger, in my early thirties and late twenties sometimes. I also do pageants but could not do anything until i got the imako teef. My teeth are totally messed up, I look like a witch now. Well i lost my cosmetic teef two weeks ago and that was the longest, most dreadful two weeks of my life. i am downstairs waiting for my cosmetic teef to be delivered this morning in the am express mail. i am crying because i am so grateful and happy that you have invented something that i can afford until i get my teeth fixed. I eat with my imako cosmetic teeth. I know you are not suppose to but i found it quite easy to do. Thank you so very much. You are saving some peoples lives because some people feel like they would rather die than to have their teeth look so bad.

- Carolyn, NJ

I can not begin to express my gratitude for your product. I have been looking for a product like this for years now. I can not afford dentures and have always had a strong dislike for my upper teeth. I have had your teef for 2 days now. They were not easy to fit for me but I was determined and kept resetting it until I got it and now they are very comfortable. This is ingenious and a lifesaver. I can not thank you enough for this wonderful product!

- Beth, NH

Hi. I am so happy with my imako teeth! I ordered them Wednesday, they arrived Thursday. I wore them that very evening! Everyone complimented me on them. Now I can't seem to stop admiring my new smile in every mirror I see.

The directions that come with it are very clear and they work perfectly. After I read them through completely and got together all the needed items, it took less than 10 minutes to fit them. An hour later I was on stage speaking before an audience. And as for singing opera, yes - you weren't lying! Last night I was singing Puccini and Verdi!

These teeth can actually help a person speak and sing more clearly, since they close up gaps left by missing or crooked teeth. I notice this especially with my F's, V's, S's, and T's. And having beautiful teeth does a lot for one's self-confidence. I just can't thank you enough.

- Brian, FL

I had received my Imako in time and I would like to thank you. IT'S a real ''miracle'', it's thin, easy to fit and it's looks good. I gain so much confidence with it!

A very BIG thank you for this product, I hope you will have this a long time...

- Edith, Canada

Dear Dr. Bukk,
I don't know what ever inspired you to devolop this product- wait- yes I do- It was The Good Lord - And He did it as an answer to my prayers. I can't tell you how great this is for me- I'm actually tearing up- I wish I could put into words what I'm feeling- You see, I am an entertainer- I have been out of the business for about 25 years, and fell on rough times- Now I'm 45 years old trying to rebuild my life and career- and you're so right- people judge you (besides other criteria) by your teeth- Without the financial recources to have the necessary dental work, I have been held back by the one component of my appearance that I could do nothing about - except by refusing to smile - an entertainment taboo- unless you're a hate comic - but I am an Elvis impersonator- and Elvis was known (among other things) for flashing that smile- Now I can smile- not only on stage, but in my everyday life- I can never repay you for this wonderful gift- There are lots of guys out there like me who need this, and I'm going to do everything I can to see that they find out that Imako Teef are available- I know I said it before (and believe me I'm NOT a cry-baby) but I have tears in my eyes - I'm just so greatful.


- No name supplied

I am very pleased with this product. I can smile again.

- Collins, CA

I have discovered that, I will be able to alter/use the teeth I ordered, after all. therefore, I will not be returning them. I look forward to referring several friends to your site for their own purchase. I am very pleased with your product. thank you so much.

- Melanie, UT

I absolutely LOVE your product. The set of teef I have now have given me more confidance then I can express. I want to try a whiter smile now. Thank you so much.

- Ryanne, FL

It's been several months since I first received my Imako teef, and I have just ordered a second set. They are great! Instead of using products for bleaching (which is now thought to cause some damage to tooth enamel over time), I can slip your Imako teef in place when I need an instant Hollywood-white smile.

Your teef are comfortable and very, very easy to fit into place over my real teeth. They're also easy to care for. I've even mastered the art of biting into a sandwich while wearing my Imako teef.

Thank you for including me in your initial offer and for making these great teef available. Also, thanks for the wonderful customer service you've always provided. Sign me--Yet One More Satisfied Customer!

- Cynthia, NC

I purchased your product about 3 months ago. I am impressed with it .It did exactly what I needed it to do. Hide two missing teeth. I also discovered if you coat them with clear nail polish cigarettes and coffee do not stain them at all. I do not have pictures for you, but I would like to say that no one would ever know that I had two missing teeth in the front of my mouth. It's a wonderful product. Thank you.

- Richard, CA

I received my teef a couple of days ago and finally got around to filing them down to my size and was horribly worried they were either going to give me a lisp or looking odd. But they look awesome! They fill out my mouth a little for a bigger, prettier smile and I just look a million times better. I'm a model and agency after agency would turn me down because of my gapped teeth, saying I needed to get some cosmetic surgery for them, which is thousands of dollars, and then they would sign me. Well, I've been signed on now to a local agency and I owe it all to you! Thanks so much! I'll send you some before and after pictures soon.

- Jessica, TX

In the interim period prior to having several of my upper teeth replaced with very expensive implants, I looked as if I had aged fifteen years by the missing teeth and partially broken ones; this was all made much worse in that I truly look much younger than my actual forty-nine years. I became desperate over my appearance. Just a few weeks ago, I punched "temporary cosmetic teeth" into my PC's search engine, and found your incredible, fantastic, "teef."

I described your product in detail over the phone to my physician boyfriend, and he encouraged me to order it immediately - even footing the charges - that of which are amazingly low for how they have restored my appearance and self-pride.

The instructions were explicit, very easy to follow, and voila`! In less than 45 minutes, they were complete and in place. I literally could not believe how I looked with the "teef" in my mouth. I could have cried with elation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much. The creator of "teef" should be very proud of this mind-blowing product.

I could not be happier!

- Robin, CA


I ordered your product for my adult daughter. We took our time and fitted the teeth in her mouth. She is so HAPPY with them and I just wanted to let you know.....She plans to order a second set, just to have a spare.

- Marva, FL

I have used your product almost every day going on 3 years because I cannot afford real false teeth. I am on permannnent disability from a work injury and was also injured in vietnam so I can't work to get dental insurance now. I have been on the disability list for 5 years now. Without your product I would never be able to smile again..... or at least until I could afford dental insurance or repairs...

- Michael, TN

The teeth are the best - absolute best! What a difference. For those having a hard time with the fit, try this: Use the instructions supplied on the front teeth only. Once the desired fit is acheeved for the front teeth, nuke a cup of water and dip one side of the teeth in the water. Place the teeth back in your mouth and since the front are already fitted, just use the instructions for the side that was just heated. When done, nuke the water again to get it hot enough then dip the other side (or end) in the water to soften, then fit them per the instructions. This is abit easier for those with large hands or small mouths and even though it's done in three steps it is actually faster than strugling with the entire set of teeth at one time.

- Lori, TX

Hi there, I said I would get back to you when Imako arrived! Well it has arived and it is fantastic! I couldn't believe how thin it is and it just fits perfectly.

- Steve, UK

First I wanted to say thank you for offering this modern day miracle. My new teeth look great. I have had such a terrible looking smile that this is gonna take some getting used to.

The only downside is that it was not as easy to form the inner lining as the video had illustrated. With a little perseverance, I was able to get the Imako shell to fit perfectly. Once fitted it does exactly what you said it would do. My new teeth snap into place and fit comfortably.

You ARE the internet's best kept secret! Well, not for long! I am gonna tell all of my friends about you!

- Shawn P. Ryan, Port St. Lucie, G

It was a little odd to see myself with bigger, prettier, whiter teeth. I was a little hesitant to go in public for the first time, mostly because I looked so different to myself. But I did. I went to a concert and took a lot of photos that night. Boy, I looked completely different! I felt more confident and it showed in the photos. I have even started wearing these to work, they are that comfortable. So I am ordering a second pair, I'm not sure what I'd do if something happened to the ones I have. Have to have a backup plan!

- Natalie G., Antioch, TN

I have porcelain caps on my remaining teeth. The two upper fronts broke off (again) and I had to attend the 50th anniversary of the business I started with lots of people and pictures. Thanks to your product I was able to attend and looked perfectly normal. This morning I had the six remaining uppers extracted and an immediate denture put in. Frankly, I think yours looked better.


- R. Fleming, AZ


You people are incredible and should be given hundreds of awards for your accomplishments.  I have read all the reviews and tears came to my eyes for their existence.   All these people, including me, you have helped psychologically and given a more confident way of living. 


I have 4 sets of teeth right now and just ordered another one, the first set I've done a lot of experimenting with because I am an avid smoker and I drink, Diet Dr. Pepper, ooooohhh, really stains, but so far I have worked some things out with it.  First, I use a filter for smoking and just put the filter back behind my teeth, that actually gives the cigarette a better taste.  The, Dr. Pepper, I use a straw and do the same thing.  I also eat some things with them in, like pudding, cream pie, twinkies, anything that is soft or cool, I rinse afterwards and carry on.  It's not like I cant take them out, but I love wearing them so much that I want them in all the time.  My husband says I love that cute smile.