Healing Wounds with Dental Sealer - Imako Cosmetic Teeth

Our beautiful 11 year old Golden Retriever, Toro, is having terrible skin problems requiring a special diet, twice daily Betagen Topical Spray® on lesions and weekly baths. On the evening of Feb. 8th, 2012 I discovered a matted, gooey area on his neck; a hot spot. Anybody with hot spot experience knows they can be stubborn and difficult to cure, sometimes taking months. You can see the oozing spot's location in this photo.

Hot spot located on top of shoulders


With the incredible medical grade KISS®polymer in Imako® Dental Sealer, you can begin healing a hot spot/wound in two hours, and have it completely healed within 3 days. Not an antibotic, not a steroid, the polymer is a simple, breathable "invisible bandage". It attracts oxygen, soothes the pain and kills bacteria naturally (by blocking the access to the moisture and sustanence in the wound).

It is essential that the area is shaved around the hot spot. Then take scissors and cut away the clumped hair above the wound. Then soak with a warm soapy cloth until you have the spot completely clean and hair trimmed away. This is a close up of the oozing, infected hot spot at 9:04 pm.

Infected sore/hot spot


I use a tiny amount, less than half a grain of rice on my fingertip and dab it all over the wound. It feels slightly sticky. 13 minutes after spreading a thin layer of Imako® Dental Sealer, the infection is dried up and turns from sickly green pus color to deep pink.

Pus gone, wound/hot spot turns dark pink

Shortly afterward, bright red oxygenated blood seeps through the polymer. One hour and thirty five minutes after applying the polymer, granulation (a grainy appearance part of healing process) of the wound can be observed. The wound did not need any blotting from excess blood.

Wound starts to granulate (heal)

1 hour later, scab has begun to form. I reapply a bit of the polymer to the bloody area I might have missed before, or was perhaps it was deeper there.

Scab begins to coagulate

Although the time stamp is missing, this is how the wound looked the next morning a thick scab had formed. I use a Betagen Topical Spray® spray around the wound to calm the skin.

Thick scab formed by morning


Three days later, the scab falls off and a new thin scab forms. I reapply a tiny bit of Imako® Dental Sealer for the third time.

After 3 days, first scab falls off.

Four hours later that day, the hot spot is nearly cured. I continue with the Betagen Topical Spray® to calm the surrounding skin. No more skin sealing polymer is needed.

Cured hot spot, hair growing back

Now I have a happy dog!

Toro no longer suffering