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At just $34.95, Imako Cosmetic Teeth® are affordable and require no visit to a dentist. Imako® is a temporary veneer, or tooth cover that is safer, thinner and more comfortable  than any similar device. No other clip on teeth (even the $1500 Snap-On-Smile®) allow you to close your bite naturally. You can speak without a lisp and avoid harming opposite teeth or jaw alignment. Unbreakable, very flexible and light as a feather. Only Imako Cosmetic Teeth® are sold in catalogs.

In you kitchen, you mold the back layer of Imako® to have the imprint of your teeth on the inner surface. Then you can snap them on and off all day long. No dental adhesives are necessary.

Great for weddings, interviews, social settings, modeling and substituting for temporary crown/hiding implant surgery.

Made in the USA of FDA approved and GRAS materials. 

Imako® is not therapeutic and should not be used for eating. Cannot be used with braces.

You can even change the fit while you are having dental work such as dental implants. No adhesives are invoved in the manufacture or getting them to stay in place. Imako Cosmetic Teeth® contain FDA approved and widely used dental materials GRAS.  Guaranteed.


Fitting your temporary theatrical smile is thoroughly explained in our online video and printed instructions. During business hours, we are available to assist you.

We ship worldwide. UK and European customers: Save money by visiting eBay and search "Imako". You can call us toll-free anytime to access audio instructions and information on chosing your size and color, 866-513-7308.


Hear what others are saying about Imako Cosmetic Teeth ...

"I love your product! I ordered one several months ago..loved it. Ordered another so I would have a spare in case something unforeseen happened. Love them..took a little while to get the fit right..keep stains off by using a polident whitening tablet every night. Saved me thousands and looks great!" - Lola

"THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I can’t afford the dental work I would need. I haven’t smiled without hiding my mouth or just keeping it shut in a VERY long time. This product has me smiling worry-free and confident again :) " - Able2Smile

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SIX PACKS: Our popular Imako cosmetic teeth are also available in bulk six packs! Available in packs of: 6 large bleached6 small bleached6 large natural and 6 small natural

THREE PACKS: Our popular Imako cosmetic teeth are also available in bulk three packs! Available in packs of: 3 large bleached, 3 small bleached, 3 large natural and 3 small natural.