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My name is heather and about 3 yrs ago I was in a pretty serious accident that lead to a procedure that nearly cost my life. After a few years of radiation treatment I developed a tooth decay disease. I was mortified that all my teeth needed to be removed. Doctors knew I needed this procedure but believed I was too weak for any type of surgery while I still had my picc line in ( which was connected to my main artery in my heart). Saying that I started to wear wax beads over the holes in my mouth which was very obvious. Then one day I stumbled upon imako teeth. The small teeth set was my favorite due to perfect adjustment. All I had to do was warm up the water and let it mold onto my teeth. I can eat and drink with them in and no one knows. My married life and my social life increased. I was no longer hiding in my room or covering my mouth as I spoke. I laugh and smile so big now knowing I look better. I will eventually need major dental work but this is going to help the wait until I am in the clear for a procedure. I can also tell you that most novelty teeth that tried to imitate  Imakos product do not cover your full upper smile.  One thing that you have to do is treat the teeth as you would normal teeth by brushing them.  Thanks nancy for changing my life.Just wanted to say how amazed I am with your cosmetic teeth! I received my yesterday and decided this morning to go for it though I was a little nervous. After the 3rd time of shaping them they fit beautifully! I have no fear of using them in class as a substitute teacher while I'm awaiting my dental bridge during the next 3-6 months. I can talk correctly and drink whatever I want. 

Thanks again, so much!!
Very Satisfied in WA State,

Heather - 11/20/14


Don 10/4/2014

Thanks Don! Don't use acetone. It will dissolve the front layer too! Don't use chlorine bleach either. There have been no reports of nail polish chipping, or causing an allergic reaction.

A customer has reported the 40% peroxide bleach sold in beauty supply stores will take out stains. Also, 100% denatured alcohol, sold in hardware stores will remove tar from smoking. It is labeled as a poison but you would have to drink it.


I was so impressed with my first pair of cosmetic teeth! I am excited for my next pair! My first was the small natural, and have yellowed over time. This time I ordered the small bleached for my Reba illusion, I'm excited! Thank you!

- Brad Fennel, 9/11/2014

Brad Fennel's Reba

Note: Brad's first set were purchased 11/24/10. Everyday users cannot expect the Imako teeth to last this long.


Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I am 100000000000000% happy and satisfied... The Imako arrived today! Took 15 minutes to fit and I've taken 100 pics since they arrived!!! My teeth are bad due to genetics and I'm scheduled to have them all removed and get dentures in June and this is a life saver! I'm attaching pics!!! Feel free to use!!     ~ Ms. Lee Sanders


I wanted to say thank you for you Imako Shell first if all. My teeth were broken in a car accident while I was wearing my Imako Shell. The ER doctor said if I hadnt been wearing the device I likely would have lost most all my teeth instead of breaking the front three. The shell also kept the broken teeth from cutting my mouth to pieces as the device held the sharp pieces in place. I love the device and have been wearing one for about three years. I have a tooth that turned very dark after a root canal I got in the Army,so I wear mine all the time. I eat with it too as there is such a snug fit food does not get caught in them. A quick trip to the womens lounge to rinse and wash my hand and Im set. I am.having $ 3,000 in dental work.done and have had the luxury of shopping around for cost because I have the Shell to.hide my broken teeth. I am saving about $8,000 from the original cosmetic dental estimates I got, by going to a small town cosmetic dentist instead of in the city.     ~ M. Lynne, AR

I want to write and say thank you I am able to smile with out being ashamed.     ~ Darmi Nwanedoh


I just wanted to thank you so very much for your product. I am a 45 year old woman who was unable to face people or perform a job due to my dental issues. So many people take for granted the importance of a smile or the mere task of talking to another person with out having to worry about perception or judgement.

I lost several teeth due to an abusive husband (ex now) and not having dental insurance has only hindered my ability to secure a job or have any self worth and esteem.

Your product has afforded me the opportunity to feel free to smile, talk and try again. Thank you.     ~ Tracy Volner

Thank you for such quick reply... with both orders. :-). Because of Imako, my confidence and appearance has been complimented numerous times through my work shift... although a quick fix for someone needing an incredible amount of dental work done, it's breathtaking experience for me to have that glow again which had been hiding from embarrassment... a finance I'm able to handle while waiting for dental insurance. A wedding on the way with events in between which now I'll smile when pictures are taken. :-)     ~ Heather Park

I couldn't find a place on your website to write a review. I just want to say Thank you for this product! It really gave my self esteem back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have my permission to post my comment and I will sign it "Trudy, from New Jersey" I also wrote a positive review on This is a wonderful product that literally changed my life. Thank you once again.     ~ Trudy from New Jersey

I wanted to let you know that I have received my Imako Cosmetic Teeth . I'm a 38 year old male on a limited income. After seeing myself in the mirror showing my smile, tears came to my eyes immediately. I recommend this to everyone.     ~ Charles Boster

Hi my name is Matt and I'm 27 years old. My entire life I have had ugly teeth. My 2 teeth outside the front teeth were close together when they grew in as a child. Causing my 2 front teeth to turn in and I mean a good 30 to 40 degrees each. I always looked in the mirror and prayed that one day I can smile and look normal. Despite my teeth always being healthy. People thought I just didn't brush and ate candy all the time. Just because the angle of my teeth. My parents could never afford braces and I'm at the point in life that I don't want braces. I have a wonderful son and girlfriend.

Now until last year I ordered my first imakos and once I got them to sit perfect in my mouth I was shocked. My dream came true. I could smile every where I went. I was even able to drink beers at the bars with them in. Old friends couldn't believe it and new friends had no idea I was wearing anything in my mouth. After a good years worth of use and I mean really used. I'm now ordering some new ones. I appreciate everything that this company has done. Just by designing and providing a great product. Thank you imakos.     ~ Mathew Vincent

I wasn't sure where to send this before and after pic =D. I loveloveLOVE Imako Smile. My review would just be a regurgitation of the praises already flooding your testimony page. Everything has already been said, my review is thus;

I would like to say to your readers...

What dental professionals know that most of us Joes and Janes don't is that... Years of shortened/missing teeth. Affect facial proportions. The changes are subtle and slow, so it largely goes unnoticed, but vertical dimension is lost. Everything 'sinks' over time; cheeks, lips, even eyebrows. When missing front teeth, the lips gradually curve inward. Think of a toothless elderly person who looks to be all chin because their lips are no longer visible.

When a person, like me, has uneven tooth loss, the face can become asymmetrical. For quite some time, I've noticed one of my eyebrows had become noticeably lower than the other.

I know it's not meant to be a medical solution to abnormally placed facial features, but in the few short weeks of using. Imako, I've noticed them leveling out. So it's so much more than merely teeth when it comes to cosmetic appearance. Lips and other parts of the face are favorably affected too.

I've suffered a lot less anxiety; I smile and laugh more, and I worry about people seeing the contents of my mouth (rather than me as a whole) less. My face has cleared up and worry lines are diminishing with this dramatic decrease in stress.

I think my adult acne and reported history of alcoholism (sober since Aug 5, 2007), an abnormal cornucopia of symptoms for my age, along with bad teeth has led physicians to automatically assume I'm a drug addict or something; for years my health issues have been dismissed and untreated as a result. Even knowing I have a family history of lupus.

It's undeniable that people perceive you differently based on appearance. I am hopeful that they will take me more seriously in the future. And if my genetic heritage manifests, and a doctor takes me seriously enough to diagnose and catch it, Imako just might even literally save my life. It's dramatic postulation, I know, but it's true. Thank you Imako!     ~ Jenny from North TX

I just want to THANK YOU for an AMAZING product ! I got mine Yesterday.. and fitted on first try ! Took my daughter out to Breakfast this morning. First time in YEARS ! She's only 14.     ~ Amery

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