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Protect teeth, Imako Cosmetic Teeth® & dentures, naturally! Easy for you to apply.

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Imako® Dental Sealer fights plaque, stains and pathogens. Rub it on the Imako Cosmetic Teeth® to make plaque and stains easier to remove. Rub it on your own teeth to block stains, stop candida, control plaque, fight cavities and other pathogens.  Rub it on dentures and partials to prevent pitting from harsh cleaners. It is absolutely safe, tasteless and long lasting. The Imako® sealant protects your teeth two simple, natural ways:

• Coats your teeth with a long lasting antimicrobial non-stick silicone surface
• Attracts oxygen which kills germs and fungus

The Imako Dental Sealer is pure medical grade Kiss® Polymer. It has hundreds of other uses, including healing stubborn wounds and dog's hot spots as shown on this link (not for the squeamish). Cures persistant wounds naturally without antibiotics!

Watch this news video about sealing teeth.

Sealing your teeth is the easiest, most effective way to improve your health possible! It's only $5 per pet or family member. Plaque is associated with inflammation and hardening of the arteries. It attaches to teeth like stubborn tiny barnacles. Bacteria use acids to dissolve enamel and cause a cavity. Avoid these problems with our sealer!

Imako® Dental Sealer has enough to treat four people, pets or denture sets. Put it on a Gum® Flosser and a travel toothbush (4 each are supplied) and brush and floss for 2 minutes. It will seem that there is not enough material provided, but the amount will spread out until it is just one molecule thick, so a very little bit goes much further than you can imagine (there's enough to coat the hood of a car!).

Immediately after applying, your teeth will feel slicker and easier to floss. If just one dental problem is avoided you have paid for the product many times over!

University studies tested on humans, not animals. Pet friendly. This is the only consumer resource for the polymer. 

Contains 100% pure, medical grade KISS Polymer®