Look Better & Feel Better

Imako Cosmetic Teeth®

Embarrassed to smile?

  • Affordable, comfortable tooth overlay only $34.95 
  • Flexible, unbreakable, comfortable enough to wear all day
  • No lisp; Speak or sing perfectly
  • No dentist, DIY smile makeover at home
  • Not a dental, therapeutic or eating device
  • Not for braces

*  Fits securely over your upper teeth

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Also available in packs of:

6 large bleached, 6 small bleached, 6 large natural6 small natural,
3 large bleached, 3 small bleached, 3 large natural and 3 small natural

Imako® Clean & Seal $19.95


  • Space age silicone protects surfaces from oxidizing rays/environmental degradation
  • Protects agains mold, fungus, bacteria 
  • Seals over 500 square feet with natural antimicrobial properties by attracting oxygen
  • Simply wipe on and buff to get a long lasting germ-fighting non-stick surface
  • Seal kitchen granite, forever
  • Non-toxic, waterproofs surfaces.
  • Apply to vehicles and never wax again 


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Imako® Dental Sealer $19.95

  • Coats your teeth with a long lasting antimicrobial space age non-stick silicone surface
  • Enough to treat 4 people or denture sets
  • Prevents etching of prosthetics with denture cleaners
  • Attracts oxygen which kills germs & Candida
  • Fights cavities and gum disease by waterproofing teeth
  • Tasteless, medical grade and simple to apply
  • Just $19.95, if saves one dental visit, pays for itself.
  • Protects teeth from dry mouth, chemo and Ph damage


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