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Cosmetic Teeth for Reversing Anxiety

What dental professionals know that most of us Joes and Janes don't is that... Years of shortened/missing teeth. Affect facial proportions. The changes are subtle and slow, so it largely goes unnoticed, but vertical dimension is lost. Everything 'sinks' over time; cheeks, lips, even eyebrows. When missing front teeth, the lips gradually curve inward. Think of a toothless elderly person who looks to be all chin because their lips are no longer visible.

When a person, like me, has uneven tooth loss, the face can become asymmetrical. For quite some time, I've noticed one of my eyebrows had become noticeably lower than the other.

I know it's not meant to be a medical solution to abnormally placed facial features, but in the few short weeks of using cosmetic teeth from Imako, I've noticed them leveling out. So it's so much more than merely teeth when it comes to cosmetic appearance. Lips and other parts of the face are favorably affected too.

I've suffered a lot less anxiety; I smile and laugh more, and I worry about people seeing the contents of my mouth (rather than me as a whole) less. My face has cleared up and worry lines are diminishing with this dramatic decrease in stress.

I think my adult acne and reported history of alcoholism (sober since Aug 5, 2007), an abnormal cornucopia of symptoms for my age, along with bad teeth has led physicians to automatically assume I'm a drug addict or something; for years my health issues have been dismissed and untreated as a result. Even knowing I have a family history of lupus.

It's undeniable that people perceive you differently based on appearance. I am hopeful that they will take me more seriously in the future. And if my genetic heritage manifests, and a doctor takes me seriously enough to diagnose and catch it, Imako just might even literally save my life. It's dramatic postulation, I know, but it's true. Thank you Imako!

Jenny from North TX