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Fake teeth that look real

Fake Teeth - A Life Changing Remedy

My name is heather and about 3 yrs ago I was in a pretty serious accident that lead to a procedure that nearly cost my life. After a few years of radiation treatment I developed a tooth decay disease. I was mortified that all my teeth needed to be removed. Doctors knew I needed this procedure but believed I was too weak for any type of surgery while I still had my pic line in ( which was connected to my main artery in my heart).

Saying that, I started to wear wax beads over the holes in my mouth which was very obvious. Then one day I stumbled upon Imako teeth. The small fake teeth set was my favorite due to perfect adjustment. All I had to do was warm up the water and let it mold onto my teeth. I can eat and drink with them in and no one knows.

My married life and my social life increased. I was no longer hiding in my room or covering my mouth as I spoke. I laugh and smile so big now knowing I look better. I will eventually need major dental work but this is going to help the wait until I am in the clear for a procedure. I can also tell you that most novelty teeth that tried to imitate  Imakos product do not cover your full upper smile.  One thing that you have to do is treat the teeth as you would normal teeth by brushing them.  

Thanks Nancy for changing my life. Just wanted to say how amazed I am with your cosmetic teeth! I received my yesterday and decided this morning to go for it though I was a little nervous. After the 3rd time of shaping them they fit beautifully! I have no fear of using them in class as a substitute teacher while I'm awaiting my dental bridge during the next 3-6 months. I can talk correctly and drink whatever I want. 

Thanks again, so much!!

Very Satisfied in WA State,