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A Perfect Smile for Your Class Reunion

Big event coming up? Embarassed by your smile? We can help you to show off your perfect smile with Imako. Our perfect smile replacement veneers are a great answer for class reunions, job interviews, and blind dates. Don't settle for fake teeth that look like you have enflamed gums. Imako fake teeth are natural looking and so thin you can see light through them.  


perfect smile veneers for her class reunionWhen she found the invitation in her mailbox, Julie’s heart started to race. She had been thinking about her 10-year high school reunion for some time now, and she had been thinking of skipping it. She touched her lips as she read the invitation, and she winced at the thought of smiling through her crooked teeth. She wished she had a perfect smile.


Julie had struggled with the way her teeth looked for most of her life. She had regular dental care as a child, but as she got older, she stopped going to the dentist and didn’t put much stock in the way her teeth looked as a teenager. She regrets that almost daily now, but never got around to getting her crooked teeth fixed. She put down the invitation and decided she wasn’t going to the reunion.


The next day, Julie saw an online advertisement that promised temporary teeth that look real. These cosmetic fake teeth provide a solution for crooked, cracked, or missing teeth. It’s not that she can’t afford a dentist, Julie thought, but she needed something that would give her instant results so she could go to her 10-year reunion without feeling self-conscious about the way her teeth looked. She ordered the clip-on teeth covers immediately and felt her spirits lift at the thought of going to her reunion sporting a brand new smile.


As Julie waited several days to receive her perfect smile veneers, she thought about how difficult high school was for her because she was so ashamed of her teeth. Even though she hadn’t thought going to the dentist was important back then, by the time she reached the upper years of high school, she was already regretting her decision. She remembered being known as the girl who never smiled. She recalled thinking everyone would make fun of her if she showed them her teeth. She didn’t want to hide from her life like that anymore. She couldn’t wait to get her cosmetic false teeth so she could start holding her head higher.


perfect smile teeth for special occasionsWhen her new snap on teeth covers arrived, Julie carefully read the instructions and proceeded to place the new clip-on teeth veneers over her existing teeth. She wasn’t sure if they would look real or not, but she figured it was worth a try. When she lifted her head after placing the veneers, Julie was shocked at the instant transformation she saw in the bathroom mirror. It was amazing! She couldn’t stop smiling. It had been a long time since Julie had looked at her teeth in a mirror, and now she couldn’t stop! She ran down the stairs, filled out the RSVP card for the reunion and mailed it that afternoon. She was going to that reunion, and she was taking her new perfect smile with her!


As Julie was getting dressed for the reunion, she took every opportunity to check out her new teeth in every mirror she walked by. Her perfect smile was infectious. She looked great and felt great. She was so thankful for the cosmetic false teeth she was able to purchase online; she couldn’t stop smiling and thinking how timely it was that she found this product.


When she walked into the reunion hall, she smiled at everyone she saw. She felt confident in talking to old friends and lost loves. If you had asked anyone in the room that night, they would have said Julie had the best smile in the whole place. She left the reunion event feeling like a million dollars and knew that her new smile had made all the difference in her ability to relax, greet people, and enjoy the event.  

Thanks to Imako Cosmetic Teeth she could now clip on her replacement and show off that perfect smile whenever she wanted.