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No one Should Ever be Afraid to Smile


Show off your smile with instant smile veneers from ImakoWe understand the pain and discomfort of feeling like you have to hide your smile because you are not happy with the way your teeth look. It can be really difficult to manage your day-to-day lifestyle when you constantly feel self-consciousness of your smile. With nearly instant smile veneers, you don’t have to hide your smile anymore! Our quick and easy smile solution can give you an instant cosmetic teeth makeover so you don’t have to think twice about smiling ever again.

Easy to apply and lasting up to two years, each instant smile veneers set allows you to mold the product to your top teeth and get instant results: the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted! There is no glue required because the instant smile veneers have a base layer that melts as you press it into your existing teeth to create a bind. It is not permanent, and you can take the fake teeth out and put them in as many times as you like. They are great for special events, pictures, or even everyday use, if you care for them correctly.

People try all kinds of things to hide their bad teeth: they put their hands over their mouth when they talk; they smile with their mouth closed; they are careful not to laugh too loudly for fear of people seeing their teeth. This can cause all sorts of problems in their lives: it can be difficult to feel confident enough to go out on a date, or to bring your best self to a job interview. Even day-to-day interactions, such as ordering your morning coffee can be full of anxiety for someone who doesn’t like their teeth.

What people are saying about our instant smile veneers:

It was a happy day when I found your product. Severe sudden life changes made normal dental solutions impossible. Thought I was stuck looking terrible. Your product is affordable, easy to fit and amazingly durable and tough. Starting 2013 still a happy customer today. Definitely a Lifechanger! - Donald Bohn

I just want to thank you for making such a great product. I ordered the small bleached cosmetic teeth. I can finally smile for photos with my teeth showing without feeling self conscious about the shape of my teeth. I love them so much that I even shared my before and after shots with my friends on Facebook :-) Thanks again!!!! - Keyonna Lyle

Missing a tooth? No problem. Got a broken bridge? Not a problem. Only need a set of instant smile veneers for your family reunion? Great idea! Want to just have a brighter smile, but don’t want to use chemical whiteners? Sure, we get that. Whatever it is that you are fretting over about your teeth, you can relax. Imako Cosmetic Teeth can help solve the visual problems with your teeth and help you light up a room, the way you were meant to!

You can get an amazing instant smile makeover with these press on veneers. You’ve got nothing to lose. Affordable and easy to use (and reusable), these instant smile veneers help you look as great as you want to feel. You can stop worrying about your teeth and start focusing on living your life. It can be very overwhelming to have to think about your smile all the time. And people notice when you aren’t smiling; you don’t want to be known as the person who doesn’t smile, right? You should be able to enjoy your life, smiling as much as you want to smile!

Don’t wait another minute and don’t go another day without ordering your instant smile veneers from Imako Cosmetic Teeth. In only a few short days, you can have the smile of your dreams from Imako!