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Revolutionary clear polymer sealant which coats by simply rubbing on, and stays permanently unless the substrate is removed. Use to reduce friction, stop oxidation, antimicrobial, neutralize static electricity, seal granite countertops and millions of other uses.

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This is a 2 oz. container of water-soluable KISS Polymer solution. Enjoy spotless, non-stick antimicrobial surfaces on your countertops. Squirt a bit into your upright washing machine and forget about mildew problems. Mix 1 oz. into latex paint and a mildew-proof surface results (don't use if you intend to paint again). Stop the oxidation (UVA & UVB) of your car's paint job, reduce drag and never wax again. 

Apply inside coolers, toilets, showers, hot tubs and at the water level of your pool. Use on drywall tools and paintbrushes to make cleanup easy. Coat waterskies, golf balls, sliding boards, fishing reels and boats to reduce drag.

Imako® Clean & Seal is a clear, flexible, antimicrobial, non-stick, inert and waterproof coating/sealant. It neutralizes static electricity, so repels dust from electronic equipment, fans and space heaters.

Shake vigorously, put a couple of drops on a surface and spread it around with a clean damp cloth, then buff with a dry cloth. Save the damp cloth because the sealer accumulates and can be spread further than you think! Imako® Clean & Seal seeks to be no more than one molecule thick and is gas permeable. This means a moist area will be able to dry out when it is sealed, but will not let any further water under the seal.

You will save hundreds in cleaning products after using Imako® Clean & Seal a few times on any smooth surface. Use on metal, wood, plastic, leather, ceramic, rubber, vinyl, stone, fiberglass or glass. Put the application cloth in a bucket of water and submerge things you want coated for 24 hours. A few drops in your dishwasher’s rinse solution will coat all your kitchen items, making them easier to clean.

Imako® Clean & Seal can withstand extreme heat such as stovetops and in your oven.

 There are limitless places to use Imako® Clean & Seal

  • Countertops & Stovetops
  • Front of appliances  
  • Clothing iron surface 
  • Stove and refrigerator interiors 
  • Doorknobs & electrical switch plates 
  • Stair rails
  • Window casements, gutters & siding
  • Toilet, faucet & sink surfaces 
  • Tubs, showers of all kinds  
  • Spraying Equipment 
  • Countertop appliances 
  • Food storage containers 
  • Coolers, ice buckets
  • Telephones, microphones 
  • Tabletops 
  • Computer & electronics 
  • Eyeglasses, glass
  • Dishwasher rinse cycle  
  • TV's & computer screens
  • Toddler toys 
  • Leather goods
  • Ceiling fan blades 
  • Surfaces where mold is growing 
  • Garden tools 
  • Cement, sheetrock and grout tools 
  • Paintbrushes 
  • Vehicular, drag reduction and eco-protectant 
  • Vehicle exteriors & interiors 
  • Boat hulls & propellers 
  • Aquariums