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    Great for weddings, interviews, social settings, modeling, substituting for temporary crown, hiding implant surgery and more! 

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    You can see the light shining through. 

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    The front of the Imako Cosmetic Teeth® look like a set of perfect teeth and gums. Each set is fitted to your individual mouth and needs.

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    Imako Cosmetic Teeth® are the perfect accessory to your smile!

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    Check out our fitting video with instructions on how to get started.

Welcome to Imako Cosmetic Teeth

Introducing Imako® Cosmetic Teeth! No dentist needed - you mold them over your upper teeth at home so they instantly snap into place - anytime! Incredibly comfortable, flexible, light as a feather and unbreakable – unlike similar products such as Perfect Smile Veneers®, Instant Smile® and Secure Smile®. Imako® Cosmetic Teeth are so thin you can see light shining through in places after fitting.

Easily speak and drink while wearing them. Imako temporary teeth arrive stiff and flat, but after customized with hot water, it becomes arch-shaped, thin and springy. It clips over your own upper teeth mechanically and should not affect your bite.

You can adjust the fit over and over until you get it right or as teeth change during dental treatment. Guaranteed. See our rave reviews!

Imako® Cosmetic Teeth contain FDA approved and widely used dental materials GRAS. No adhesives or latex and contains no allergenic materials.

Safe for dentures, bondings, veneers, crowns and temporary crowns, but not braces. Imako® teeth will quickly stain if you use tobacco or eat/drink things with high staining potential. Imako® is not therapeutic and not intended for eating. Cannot be used with braces. You must have some teeth to support this device. Uppers only.

UK & European customers may find our product for less on eBay.uk, www.thesmileinabox.com or Amazon.uk and searching "Imako".

Imako instant smile teeth are also available here ...

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Customers Love Us

"I love your product! I ordered one several months ago..loved it. Ordered another so I would have a spare in case something unforeseen happened. Love them..took a little while to get the fit right..keep stains off by using a polident whitening tablet every night. Saved me thousands and looks great!" - Lola

"THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I can’t afford the dental work I would need. I haven’t smiled without hiding my mouth or just keeping it shut in a VERY long time. This product has me smiling worry-free and confident again :) " - Able2Smile

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