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Embarrassed to smile? For just $34.95, Imako Cosmetic Teeth® snap securely over your teeth to hide dental problems.  These temporary cosmetic teeth give you a beautiful smile! No expensive trip to the dentist needed because you mold them to your upper teeth at home! The Imako clip on mechanically by having the imprint of your teeth on the inside surface. No sticky adhesives. Imako can be worn over natural teeth, dentures, bondings, veneers, crowns and temporary crowns, but not braces. 

You can speak perfectly, and drink cool clear liquids while wearing them. Imako teeth arrive flat, but once fitted, they become arch-shaped, thin and springy. They clip over your own upper teeth and the most comfortable product on the market. They are flexible, unbreakable, safe and light as a feather. Every other similar product (even the $1200 Snap in Smile®) is stiff and prevents closing your bite properly. This can be very annoying, make you lisp and even cause painful jaw misalignment (TMJ) or damage opposite living teeth.

Imako is a great way to save on dental work too! Instead of expensive temporary crowns and flippers while you are waiting to complete your treatment, wear Imako Teeth and save hundreds. What’s more, you can adjust the fit to accommodate the progress of your treatment.

Made in the USA of FDA approved and GRAS materials and guaranteed. Imako® is not therapeutic and should not be used for eating. Cannot be used with braces. 

This product is not a therapeutic device, and will never equal professional dental treatment. We hope wearing them will brighten your self-esteem and help you to earn enough to afford a dentist.

Fitting your temporary smile is thoroughly explained in our online video and printed instructions. During business hours, we are available to assist you.

If your smile is holding you back, there is no other beauty product that makes such an immediate and profound improvement in how you look!


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"I love your product! I ordered one several months ago..loved it. Ordered another so I would have a spare in case something unforeseen happened. Love them..took a little while to get the fit right..keep stains off by using a polident whitening tablet every night. Saved me thousands and looks great!" - Lola

"THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I can’t afford the dental work I would need. I haven’t smiled without hiding my mouth or just keeping it shut in a VERY long time. This product has me smiling worry-free and confident again :) " - Able2Smile

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SIX PACKS: Our popular Imako cosmetic teeth are also available in bulk six packs! Available in packs of: 6 large bleached6 small bleached6 large natural and 6 small natural

THREE PACKS: Our popular Imako cosmetic teeth are also available in bulk three packs! Available in packs of: 3 large bleached, 3 small bleached, 3 large natural and 3 small natural.