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Imako Cosmetic Teeth®

Embarrassed to smile?

  • Affordable, more comfortable alternative to Snap in Smile only $34.95 
  • No dental appointment necessary
  • Do your own smile makeover
  • Not a dental or therepeutic device

*  Fits securely over your upper teeth

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Also available in packs of: 6 large bleached, 6 small bleached, 6 large natural6 small bleached,
3 large bleached, 3 small bleached, 3 large natural and 3 small natural

Imako® Clean & Seal


  • Protects surfaces from oxidizing rays/environmental degradation
  • Seals over 500 square feet with natural antimicrobial properties
  • Simply wipe on and buff to get a long lasting non-stick surface
  • Saves you effort and slashes the need for cleaning products
  • Reduces drag/friction, increases MPG when applied to vehicles 


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Imako® Dental Sealer



  • Coats your teeth with a long lasting antimicrobial non-stick silicone surface
  • Attracts oxygen which kills germs and candida


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