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Embarrassed to smile? Affordable solution just $34.95. Made in the USA!

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No Dental Visit Necessary! Fit in Your Own Kitchen

Do your own smile makeover! Safest cosmetic tooth cover.
Fits securely, comfortably over your upper teeth. No lisping.

Watch our Fitting Instructional Video FREE!
See How You Would Look After a Dental Restoration
Look Good in Photos or Special Occasions
Interview for a Job
Cover Implant Surgery
Hide Tooth Loss
Cover Stained Teeth (Amalgam, Tetracycline)
Protect Highly Sensitive Teeth
Health Situations where Conventional Dentistry is Not an Option
Modeling & Beauty Pageants

See a Video Comparison with Secure Smile® and Snap in Smile®

See Close-up photos of Imako® and Secure Smile®

This is not a therepeutic device or a dental device. Not for eating. Do not use over braces. Strictly for theatrical use if you reside in the state of Georgia.




Amazing product

I want to thank the creator for creating this amazing product. I am a commercial print talent and my smile needs to be perfect. I have booked great projects because of this awesome product. I will be getting dental work in the future, but this is such a great help for me temporarily. I feel so confident when I wear these imakos. My smile looks amazing and I keep getting booked too,. Keep up the awesome work!


    Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

    Thank you!!! I am 100000000000000% happy and satisfied... The Imako arrived today! Took 15 minutes to fit and I've taken 100 pics since they arrived!!! My teeth are bad due to genetics and I'm scheduled to have them all removed and get dentures in June and this is a life saver! I'm attaching pics!!! Feel free to use!!


      Better than an airbag

      I wanted to say thank you for you Imako Shell first if all. My teeth were broken in a car accident while I was wearing my Imako Shell. The ER doctor said if I hadnt been wearing the device I likely would have lost most all my teeth instead of breaking the front three. The shell also kept the broken teeth from cutting my mouth to pieces as the device held the sharp pieces in place. I love the device and have been wearing one for about three years. I have a tooth that turned very dark after a root canal I got in the Army,so I wear mine all the time.I eat with it too as there is such a snug fit food does not get caught in them. A quick trip to the womens lounge to rinse and wash my hand and Im set. I am.having $ 3,000 in dental work.done and have had the luxury of shopping around for cost because I have the Shell to.hide my broken teeth. I am saving about $8,000 from the original cosmetic dental estimates I got, by going to a small town cosmetic dentist instead of in the city.


        No longer ashamed

        I want to write and say thank you I am able to smile with out being ashamed.


          To smile, talk and try again.

          I just wanted to thank you so very much for your product. I am a 45 year old woman who was unable to face people or perform a job due to my dental issues. So many people take for granted the importance of a smile or the mere task of talking to another person with out having to worry about perception or judgement.

          I lost several teeth due to an abusive husband (ex now) and not having dental insurance has only hindered my ability to secure a job or have any self worth and esteem.

          Your product has afforded me the opportunity to feel free to smile, talk and try again. Thank you.


            A wedding on the way

            Thank you for such quick reply... with both orders. :-). Because of Imako, my confidence and appearance has been complimented numerous times through my work shift... although a quick fix for someone needing an incredible amount of dental work done, it's breathtaking experience for me to have that glow again which had been hiding from embarrassment... a finance I'm able to handle while waiting for dental insurance. A wedding on the way with events in between which now I'll smile when pictures are taken. :-)


              I got my self esteem back

              I just want to say Thank you for this product! It really gave my self esteem back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have my permission to post my comment and I will sign it "Trudy, from New Jersey" I also wrote a positive review on This is a wonderful product that literally changed my life. Thank you once again.


                Thank you Imakos

                Hi my name is Matt and I'm 27 years old. My entire life I have had ugly teeth. My 2 teeth outside the front teeth were close together when they grew in as a child. Causing my 2 front teeth to turn in and I mean a good 30 to 40 degrees each. I always looked in the mirror and prayed that one day I can smile and look normal. Despite my teeth always being healthy. People thought I just didn't brush and ate candy all the time. Just because the angle of my teeth. My parents could never afford braces and I'm at the point in life that I don't want braces. I have a wonderful son and girlfriend.

                Now until last year I ordered my first imakos and once I got them to sit perfect in my mouth I was shocked. My dream came true. I could smile every where I went. I was even able to drink beers at the bars with them in. Old friends couldn't believe it and new friends had no idea I was wearing anything in my mouth. After a good years worth of use and I mean really used. I'm now ordering some new ones. I appreciate everything that this company has done. Just by designing and providing a great product. Thank you imakos.


                  Imako might even save my life.

                  I wasn't sure where to send this before and after pic =D. I loveloveLOVE Imako Smile. My review would just be a regurgitation of the praises already flooding your testimony page. Everything has already been said, my review is thus;

                  I would like to say to your readers...

                  What dental professionals know that most of us Joes and Janes don't is that... Years of shortened/missing teeth affect facial proportions. The changes are subtle and slow, so it largely goes unnoticed, but vertical dimension is lost. Everything 'sinks' over time; cheeks, lips, even eyebrows. When missing front teeth, the lips gradually curve inward. Think of a toothless elderly person who looks to be all chin because their lips are no longer visible.

                  When a person, like me, has uneven tooth loss, the face can become asymmetrical. For quite some time, I've noticed one of my eyebrows had become noticeably lower than the other.

                  I know it's not meant to be a medical solution to abnormally placed facial features, but in the few short weeks of using. Imako, I've noticed them leveling out. So it's so much more than merely teeth when it comes to cosmetic appearance. Lips and other parts of the face are favorably affected too.

                  I've suffered a lot less anxiety; I smile and laugh more, and I worry about people seeing the contents of my mouth (rather than me as a whole) less. My face has cleared up and worry lines are diminishing with this dramatic decrease in stress.

                  I think my adult acne and reported history of alcoholism (sober since Aug 5, 2007), an abnormal cornucopia of symptoms for my age, along with bad teeth has led physicians to automatically assume I'm a drug addict or something; for years my health issues have been dismissed and untreated as a result. Even knowing I have a family history of lupus.

                  It's undeniable that people perceive you differently based on appearance. I am hopeful that they will take me more seriously in the future. And if my genetic heritage manifests, and a doctor takes me seriously enough to diagnose and catch it, Imako just might even literally save my life. It's dramatic postulation, I know, but it's true. Thank you Imako!

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                  THANK YOU for an AMAZING product

                  I just want to THANK YOU for an AMAZING product ! I got mine Yesterday.. and fitted on first try ! Took my daughter out to Breakfast this morning. First time in YEARS ! She's only 14.


                    Best thing EVER!!

                    I absolutely love Dr. Bukk! He made my life so much better. I was sick for a few years and got a gum disease from it. Had to have a few teeth taken out in the front and have to have the rest pulled here soon. I went from a really ugly smile that I was really ashamed of to a beautiful smile that I'm not afraid to show! I get complimented on my smile all the time! I've been using Imako teeth for almost a year and I wouldn't go to anything else. I have my confidence back. Thank you so much Dr. Bukk!!


                      pretty good

                      Got these teeth today due to the fact I have one pushed back tooth was gonna cost over $1000 to fix so thought I would try these, thought what's the worst that could happen. So had a lil problem fitting them they were ok. But then I noticed the little beads so decided to melt 3 down and just form them to my tooth and Omg it worked I didn't need the full to portion of the teeth only needed the beads so thank you so much I will be giving the top teeth to my mom an will be ordering more beads thank you so much for these and now I can't stop smiling an I look amazing smiling now. :). Would be cool if yall made a tooth colored bead for this kinda situation :)
                      Thank you.
                      Tiara :)

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                      Good looking teeth

                      I recently purchased some Dr Bailey’s teeth here in Australia and although the teeth are very good looking had great difficulty in fitting them and ended up breaking them. Yours look as if they may fit better as the Dr Bailey’s have like a ledge on the back at the bottom and I can’t seem to stop them from looking as if i have enormous buck teeth. I see on the fitting instructions yours don’t have that ledge and the plastic that goes at the top looks as if it may secure them better. I broke them due to trying so many times so I’me looking forward to these ones as I have missing teeth and lost my plate recently just after cyclone Yasi when we had no power for 2 weeks.
                      So I’m really hoping these do the trick and i’ll be back for spares if they do.


                        They WILL look real!

                        I ordered a set of the Imako teeth on tuesday march 22, after chipping a front tooth while sleeping. My teeth have been decaying for some time now and Ive been unemployed for better than 2 years. I have been to many, many job interviews and would not smile a real smile for the fear of showing how awful my teeth had become. I opted to overnight my Imako teeth because i refused to step outside of my home with a missing front tooth, I received them withing 24 hours and ripped the package open and started the molding process!! I must admit at first I struggled to get them to form right but I would NOT give up, I had to get them to work because I had a job interview the next morning, so I finally got it.. And I must say I had the biggest smile that Ive had in years.. they looked great, my wife could not even tell I had fake teeth on and I spoke perfectly!! The job interview went great because I didnt hesitate to smile and I was offered the job within 4 hours of my interview!! I can not thank this company enough, you got my life back on track!! And now with the dental benefits that come with the new job I can get the dental implants that I need. Anyone who buys these and says they don’t work or look better than their real teeth- Well I say you have not spent the time to mold them right, they will stay in place and they WILL look real… I love this product and will never forget the confidence I was given to achieve what I needed to get done… Thank you again


                          Just Thank You!

                          Hi Just Like to say thank you for the teeth. just arrived in perfect condition, very fast service to the UK. Many Thanks Steve G


                            I hadn't smiled like this in years

                            After being unemployed for the better part of two years and not having any dental insurance, my teeth had taken a beating. I have what my dentist calls “Dew Mouth”, from drinking insane amounts of mt. dew everyday, no matter how much flossing and brushing I did it was an uphill battle. Well now I sit here at 36 years old with a mouth full of rotten teeth and feel ashamed to go out in public and would not smile during job interviews for the fear of showing rot mouth. I had looked at the Imako a few months back but thought it was gonna be a scam, so I didnt order them. Then 4 nights ago my front tooth finally broke off, now I had to do something but didnt have the $3000 to get it fixed. I broke down and ordered the Imako because at this point I had nothing to lose. Less than 24 hours later they arrived and I ripped the box open and started the forming process. I have to admit that it took me a little longer to form than most people said(because I am missing several teeth and had to fill in the gaps) but after 3 hours of steaming water, molding, trimming and cutting of extra plastic, I got it!! I stood back, looked in the mirror and almost broke down into tears. I hadnt smiled like this in years now. The very next morning I had another job interview, big difference this time was I had my MOJO back because I didnt have to hide my smile and look like a sour butt. After 2 years of job hunting with no success, I landed a great paying job with medical and dental.. Now I can get my teeth fixed!! I speak great with the Imako in and do not worry about it falling out, heck alot of times It takes me awhile to get it out, which shows how well it locks onto your teeth when formed right.
                            I am not a paid blogger, nor do I represent this company in any way. I am just an over excited client who wants others to know that the $40 dental miracle is here and its an Imako. Follow the directions and be patient in the forming process and you to can get a temporary fix to that expensive dental problem.. Good Luck


                              Purchasing my second set

                              I’ve pondered over purchasing this product for some months, finally I made the decision to purchase this item with the hopes of salvaging some dignity in myself and my appearance (the cost of going to the dentist was definitely not an option at the time). All I have to say is thank you soo much Dr. Bukk for even coming up with a concept such as this that allows a person to at least carry a conversation and SMILE whenever they want! You’ll have to take a few minutes and really devote the time to adjust and fit the product to your personal fitting, also the directions are easy to follow. I’m so happy about this product that I’m on my way to purchasing my second set. Imako cosmetic teeth have certainly saved the day!


                                I love your product!

                                I love your product!I ordered one several months ago..loved it. Ordered another so I would have a spare in case something unforeseen happened. Love them..took a little while to get the fit right..keep stains off by using a polident whitening tablet every night. Saved me thousands and looks great!


                                  Works Great!

                                  i just got your product and it works great! thank you! Thank you for the product its almost exactly what i thought it would be.


                                    Thank you SO much!

                                    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I can’t afford the dental work I would need. I haven’t smiled without hiding my mouth or just keeping it shut in a VERY long time. This product has me smiling worry-free and confident again:)


                                      WOW and Thanks!

                                      I dont know what to say, im at a loss for words. i just got my imako teeth today, and let them sit there un-opened for about half a hour, i was scared to death of them, honestly i was sure i would look like i had horse teeth or something, but i finally opened them, prepped them per the instructions, and put them in. WOW!!!!!!!! I cant believe it, is that me in the mirror? i look great, ive always been embarressed about my teeth, i never smiled, but gosh, now i just cant quit smiling!!!!!! i know this all sounds like some kind of hype, but i really feel like you have given me a life changing event, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Im still getting used to them, it does make my face look a little different around the mouth, but actually i think it looks even better, i am having just a little bit of trouble forming some words, but i have only had them in my mouth for a couple of hours, and just by the feel, i can tell that probably in the comming days as i get more used to them, speech will be no problem at all, like i said im only having very minor problems right now, mostly with the letter “F”. I cant thank you enough, i know it sounds very cleche, but you have literally changed my life for the better, if you want, i will be more than happy to send you a before and after picture, just cause im not ashamed of pictures now. anyway, WOW, and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                        Absolutely Amazed

                                        So, Dr. Bukk, here is what I thought about your product… I was absolutely amazed at how good and real the teeth actually looked once inside my mouth. For the first time in my life, I actually had a smile I was proud of!!! I live with my sister and my niece and I showed them and they were blown away. The next day was Thanksgiving and I wore the teeth when I went and saw my friends and family and everybody thought I looked great and everyone wanted to know when I had gone to the dentist and gotten then fixed and none of them believed me when I told them the truth. I had to take them out in order to show them and make them believe. I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels to be able to look at people and smile and laugh and talk to people with complete confidence and comfort with myself and how I look. I am sorry for going into so much detail about my situation but I just really wanted to illustrate what a huge difference this has made in my life in such a short period of time. Your product has literally changed my life and made me happier than I have been in a very long time. I simply cannot begin to thank you enough for what this has done for me and my self esteem.

                                        Sincerely, Jack T. Weaver

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                                          Cosmetic Teeth

                                          Cosmetic Teeth

                                          Embarrassed to smile? Affordable solution just $34.95. Made in the USA!

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